If you have time

It’s the Full Movie
The Gospel of John


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  1. barbara miller said:

    why is it that the things you post on here these days have nothing to do with morgellons?


    • Perhaps Barbara.. if you have no greater inspiration..you will not survive this horror in a survival mode. Faith, love and hope have much to do with moving beyond.
      I wish all of the best of happiness for you… but it does not come in a box. It is a painful education that has no happy place… Sorry.

  2. This site is supposed to be about Morgellons, isn’t it?
    Seems like you would get more participation if people actually posted relevant information.

  3. The Gospel of John, Love it! A book of hope for those of us afflicted

  4. dividing cricker said:

    I have tried a few new products , Florida’s Best pain relief #21 ,its a mint type pain relief but is also great for the big itch . http://www.jltindustries.com 8007358912 . The other thing is a oil base product www,fungusfreeplus.com This oil has a very strong oregano smell . I’ve been mixing tis oil in Bronners Peppermint soap in a water to Bronners 50/50 mix then adding FFP about 20 drops with 20 drop of lugols iodine , Neem oil and tea tree oil all in a 8oz bottle . I’ve used the Bronners 25 years but first added tea tree oil , then neem oil , then the lugols iodine and now the FFP . All the added oils are absorbed in the skin , All these added things kill bacteria viruses funguses etc . MY diet is gluten free sugar free and organic . I still get itchy every now and then but I seem like a normal person again , It does seem like a lifetime of symptoms but everything haved calmed down . I’m still researching bio-pesticides and there probable cause in morgellons . I know most of the morgellons sites are very slim on how to live with morgellons . I have lived and breathed this life . I have helped many people . I never try to judge your theories or get hurt if you don’t believe mine . I can’t control the site or delete information . John 3:16 I believe but I still work like hell to stay healthy , just what are you doing MrC I can watch the 700 club Your still above ground , stay on point and be the leader you have always been . Everybody misses the daily info and friendship here . Ok I said my piece . I’m goin fishin ….. DC Ps I’ll check this out later , see if I got anybodies Hackels UP !

  5. I think we could think to the future and the people who are getting or going to get Morgellons/Lymes . s we are all from different parts of the world then we could begin a funding for a Parisite Charity Hospital in our own area, where we could go for treatment and support.
    Skin Specialist
    Lymph Drainage Massage
    Viamin and mineral suppor
    Emotional Support

    Think to the future of our fellow humans in this situation for we and they in the future do need practical help as it is so hard to do this on our own.
    Through the research already on its way new treatment can be added.
    Personally I am nearly 70, almost computer illiterate, not very clever,and with permanent brain fog, so not the obvious person to do this.
    I hope somewhere, someone feels they could so for now it is just an idea. If so there is a site CAF …… Charities Aid Foundation. That looks like it could help

    • Vere. Go for the Vitamins and stop all Carbs.. bread sugar etc
      B,C,D, NAC for starts. Eat healthy and cut out grocery store boxed food. Coconut oil pulls when you awaken, pH drops first thing (Swansons). I am a personal fan of sski drops Potassium Iodide which we can no longer eat.. be careful and take selenium simultaneously. Get the plants outta your house, lemongrass tea works well too. Just boiling it on the stove is a relief!
      Best wishes!

      PS I am a Garlic NUT

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