You can keep your plan

It’s now estimated at nearly 93 million Americans are going to lose their current health care plans …


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  1. dividing cricker said:

    Have a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that is canceled as of Jan 1 2014 . All the so called trash plans were made illegal . I could afford my high deductible plan . I had money set aside for this deductible with enough money to pay for my insurance and other bills that could come in for two years . I have no choice now but to go on government welfare and be another burden on the system . He said he was going to transform this government !!! Before this is over the USA will be transformed into a communist / welfare / spread the wealth??? / the problem is , Everywhere this has been tried it has failed … I was reading quotes from Winston Churchill last night … Many of his quotes ring so true now / today …. I think the next step is to quiet the herd . shut down this instant web . This is next ….. //// On the morgellons note . Most of my symptoms are quiet and back to a normal work week 7 days a week and a 10 hr day plus /// I never thought that would ever happen … Coconut oil pulling , I think was one of the most (MUNDANE) thing that had the most profound effect … I read this book THE STEALTH KILLER and just purchased his new book THE SILENT SABOTEURS by Willian Nordquist Its how oral spirochete disease affects us …. I still do a daily protocol with diet GLUTEN FREE , SUGAR FREE, ORGANIC , The 10 or so vitamins herbs and minerals / aminos ….. Be patient and it will get better …. If you have any questions just ask … I’ll try to answer them DC

  2. judy grace said:

    It is so necessary to read something positive re Morgellons – Without hope I would be so much more scared and worried than I already am – I truly thank u

  3. judy grace said:

    Ops – Can you please explain what the Coconut Oil thing was – Cheers

    • dividing cricker said:

      Yea Judy – oil pulling is a ancient Ayurvedic practice , this is just one therapy –First thing on waking ( blow your nose ) then take 1 heaping tsp of coconut oil in your mouth and let it melt . for 20 minutes slosh this oil in your mouth between your teeth slowly, then spit this in the trash or a cup / don’t spit this in the drain ,it will clog the drain . Then brush your teeth , I use Spry tooth paste , just make sure you use a non-fluoride paste . Its a very slow healing , We could all be overloaded with many types of bad bacteria and this oil pulling chips away at the overload . I have been doing this for 1 year now . I also clean my sinuses with salt water w/ baking soda and also use baking soda in a mouth rinse . Baking soda 1 or 2 level tsp a day will bring the body PH up to normal range 7,3 . This has a very positive health effect . just ask mike

  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    The man is an absolute pathological liar and has betrayed our constitution dozens of times. Today he came out and said he never promised people could keep their insurance plans, does he realize he’s on tape saying that probably over 100 times?

    • dividing cricker said:

      Hey MrC . Getting ready to go stripped bass fishing , a few years ago “before morgellons” I caught one that was 50lbs and 50 inches … A few are showing up but the water is pretty warm . I do feel more like normal than I have in years . Back to politics — I hope these Washington (LEADERS) wake up ! The next round of letters from insurance companys will come out just before the next big election I know many people that feel “SAFE” but I keep telling them that its a plot to collapse the whole economy of the USA . This health care is going to cost us all the small businesses that survive on the fringe . This type of business really drives the US economy . If this isn’t profitable we will go down the tubes …. Thousands of businesses have already fallen of the rolls . This health care will devastate this already fragile economy ….. just looks like a devastating blow ….. ” I will Change America into a unrecognizable country ” Stay well, DC

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        I did some awesome striper fishing in Lake Texoma when I lived in Dallas way back when, it was incredible, those things are lean mean eatin’ machines. I’m jealous man. They were also good eating. I have the largest one I caught mounted on the wall still to this day, but nowhere near 50 lbs. We we’re catching them with live chad, sometimes they’d swarm schools of chad to the surface and it would look like piranha’s attacking something. We’d cast these huge pencil poppers right into the middle of them have a fish on within seconds, pick up another pole and cast again, all the while the fish we’d already caught we’re flopping all over the deck of the boat. The frenzy only lasted a few minutes so we had to get them while the getting was good. Have fun man, wish I was there …

        • dividing cricker said:

          MrC I have worked many jobs ,Fishing , farming , body shop , HVAC , and many in- between jobs . I started working at 10 years old , My responsibilities were home chores to seasonal work . I’m 57 and have been running my own business and paying my own health care 37 years and have been taking care of my own bills 40 years . From cars to home and just about everything I have I earned with my two hands …. I wonder if Obama has ever worked a day in his life ??? I would like to see him up at 4am ,work a oyster boat all day , doing a 16 hr day ,maybe that would straighten out that swagger in his walk ! This government / extortion ring has a very limited view of the real world and how things work . The silver spoon short sighted OBTUSE leaders need a reality check . Their biggest supporters are welfare , food stamp , unemployment receivers , I guess were all headed for this socialistic nightmare . This will be a crowning moment for Obama but I hope it will exploded along with his political views of the world . I see some chinks in his army starting to run for cover …. if they start spilling the beans we should be in for many years of nightmare books and illegal activity ,,,,,

  5. Mr. Common Sense said:

    You might like to see this twitter account (which twitter suspended twice but finally restored). They suspended it because their savior was been proven a liar.

  6. The Prez’s reign will end up looking like “The Hunger Games”. In this weeks newspaper, Government just opened a plant in Fl to manufacture vaccines and drugs to counteract biogerm warefare.
    1. Why not let the Pharma companies do the job?
    2. Who and what are these drugs going to be used for?

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