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  1. dividing cricker said:

    all because of Obama care !

  2. dividing cricker said: is a lyme disease web . One of her webs goes into the history of germ warfare . This spirochete was developed before ww2 . There are several factual books on how they developed this germ . One thing that intrigued me was spirochetes were described as algae not bacteria . This description follows my idea that Oomycetes are mentioned as Algae also . Reading several university studies seem that many misdiagnosis occur in every branch of science .

  3. dividing cricker said:

    sorry — lyme disease , very good info

  4. dividing cricker said:

    Mr C Haven’t heard from you in some time , was wondering how your doing ? I’m still working on healing but know I’m not 100% , I’m lowering the amount of things like vitamins ,herbs minerals and increased my work load … I still am very careful ,staying clean and not overdoing it . I started a nightly dose of baking soda with molasses 2tsp of BS and 1 tsp of M in 4oz of warm water let stand 5 minutes then drink …. look it up the ytubes ! ///// Winter has set in here and looking for a storm this weekend …. Another year has gone by my friend , Hope all is well . my prayers are with you …. dc

  5. Russell Crowe as Noah! Wowsie! I guess it’ll bring some people into the theatre, eh?! Here’s hoping he doesn’t punch out any of the animals!

    Seriously though I’d thought I’d send word I’m still around. I’m keeping plenty busy with teaching and home renovations. Happy Holidays to everyone! Joe

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