Magnum Opus Coming Soon

The Mundane Approach and me seem to be one and the same, there just is no replacement.

I’ve been thinking about this and have wanted to do this for a few years now. I am going to pull all of the best material from the articles I have written (most from the “All Articles” page) into one cohesive document with some new material in there as well. Including things I left unsaid for a whole host of reasons but will now say in this final post. It seems to me that new cases of Morgellons are not near as common as they were around 2005, 2006 and so on. To me, Morgellons appears to be fading, and that is a good thing.

For posterity and those who come after us the final post on this blog will be a massive compendium of material available on this site, in book format, and in a logical order. When I make that post I will disable all comments and feedback on this site, it will stand forever as a resource for those who come after. It will essentially be static.

I do plan to start a new blog for any that are interested. I’m thinking the title will be “The Forsaken Christian”. That title can go off in many ways, but suffice it to say that will not be anti-Christian, but rather confront an even more formidable and dangerous foe. The title is subject to change before the new blog is created.

Anyway, watch for the Magnum Opus, it will be an incredibly long post, with a few revelations that I dare not say earlier in this nightmare but am ready to talk about now.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and I hope you are all well.


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  1. thanks you Mr. C..dear soul..I appreciate that you are doing that..summary.
    I do not think there is less Morgellons..but perhaps people are dealing with it experience at any rate..that would be nice though…I’m willing for this to go away.
    Thanks re Christmas..and Well I know god is with you..wonderful.

  2. dividing cricker said:

    Good Luck MrC , I know it must be hard to sift through the stories and get any information ! I’ll get back and comment on something that could help suffers . On your point that the disease is not as bad , Many people are still infected and the disease is far from over . Your symptoms may have stopped and interest faded but others are dealing with the horror every minute of the day and night . ok dc

  3. Dear Mr. CommonSense,
    I hope you are doing OK healthwise.
    I am disappointed that you will be ending this blog. But I am more concerned that you feel this Morgellons thing is fading. I think just the opposite. I had “bites”/rash on my waistline since about 2001 which no doctor ever showed any interest in hence was never treated for years. I myself paid little attention except when I would feel a sharp biting sensation, and when I would look down at the spot, one of the bites would be very red/raw looking. But basically it was ignored.
    My symptoms only exploded in 2013, I believe after experiencing the most severe physical stress I ever have then sleeping that night in a hotel room (this was lare 2012) and waking up with two lines of tiny open spots on my hip, which from far away looked like scratches but were not, and they were itchy not sore. Eventually after several weeks had itchy bites all over, crawling and biting sensations, and things coming out/off of me. My environment exploded suddenly also with signs of M last spring, some but not all of which went away using DampRid. So I am dealing with this currently as are many others. But I think it is exploding in the population as well as evidenced by the silver and red glitter I constantly see in the laundry room/dryers in my complex, on the “belts” at the registers when you check out at stores, I’ve seen the glitter on the floor in my church, and in/on products at stores. And we brought our Christmas stuff out of our storage cubby elsewhere in our bldg, some of the stuff had alot of tiny silver glitter in it that wasn’t there before. Also, all the women’s clothing at Walmart appears infected, and any socks and tights I bought this year (because I had to throw out my old stuff–almost all of my wardrobe was infected) have induced crawling or biting in me when worn. So I am very concerned if you give people the impression this is winding down. I feel it’s the opposite. I also saw chemtrails/chemtrail clouds about 6 days out of 7 all summer and fall. Lately it’s been so cold I have not been out as much due to my reduced wardrobe (threw out my down jacket and Uggs early last summer or late spring when everything had lint balls, thin shiny strings that looked like that glistening stuff from snails, etc.). So I don’t know what’s going on lately with the chemtrails (whether or not they’re related to Morgellons, they are certainly not a welcome intrusion into our blue skies and our environment and they make me very angry).
    I am ANXIOUS to hear your revelations and the things you felt you could not say previously. A little confused about your info re the new blog, does it mean you have lost your faith? I hope not. I am familiar with doubt, it seems to come naturally to some of us but others never doubt. I myself was agnostic for many years after growing up a faithful Lutheran but my son and I joined the Catholic Church when I was in my mid-forties and I am glad we did. It feels good to be part of the Catholic, and larger Christian, family. My prayers aren’t always answered, but I keep praying and going to Mass. I did have two times a prayer asking for St. Anthony’s intercession seemed to be answered. For all the sinfulness we have seen from some priests, (and now that the church has tried to clean up seminaries, more young men are now joining the priesthood) the Church remains a valuable bulwark against the culture of death. There’s alot of slippery-slope stuff going on out there, in hospitals, in homes using hospice, etc. Look at the Liverpool Care Pathway; luckily people spoke out against improper use of it and it has been discontinued I believe.
    But please don’t hurt the fight against Morgellons by giving those who could help us (doctors, researchers, government, ) the idea that it is going away.
    BTW, if there is anyone out there who knows what are good things to wear in cold weather that don’t seem to get infected, please let me know. I live in a place that gets very cold and I had my cold-weather dressing down to a science before all this but had to throw out alot of the clothes/shoes several months ago when the stuff “exploded” in my home.
    Take care and I wish you the best Mr. CommonSense.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Point taken “J” and don’t worry, I won’t mention the fading away thing again. I just personally don’t hear near as many stories from people coming down with it, but then it’s probably because I’m not looking, I think Mel over on his site is dealing with many new comers. There was a time when I was talking people off the edge, for instance, a concerned spouse would get in touch with me via email and beg me to call and talk to their wife or husband who they believed was totally losing it.

      The one thing that surprises me is the traffic on this blog hasn’t decreased at all, still way over 10,000 page views a month, that does surprise me …

      I hope you get better soon and this passes, I love the Azufre sulfer soap, still use it today.

      • Thanks for replying. I haven’t tried that soap. Is it liquid or solid? Is it drying? Because I do have alot of trouble lately in this cold weather with the many slits on my fingers/hands which get very painful and sometimes bleed.
        10,000 views a month, that’s interesting. Obviously people still are looking for information and to feel they’re not alone.
        Take care.

  4. You Too MRC, looking forward to read your book…hope u feeling better ..

  5. There is a big need for someone to write a book about Morgellons to give the situation more credence. It is not going away. The derms in my town are callong ot Grosvenor’s Disease for which there is no cure. Morgellons Research shows an article sent to all drs. Where they were preempted about the symptoms and to refer these patients to psychiatrists for PD. a lot of the afflicted are going to Dr Amin now that he treats “Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome”. Thanks for your posts and DO leave the info up as a resource for those who come after us!

  6. Hello Mr. C.

    Glad to see that you came to the obvious conclusion that we already knew… there is no replacement for you! Your efforts on behalf of those suffering with Morgellons will leave a lasting legacy. I for one look forward to hearing your parting thoughts here as well as those you plan to offer on your new blog.

    I wish I could say that we have seen a decline in new cases of Morgellons, but sadly, that is not so. In fact, Mel just launched a new website today for his HE CURES ALL Foundation in order to reach out beyond the borders of the Morgellons community and garner support to help the growing number of sufferers who have exhausted their resources and yet desperately need to restore their bioterrain and recapture their lives.

    Thanks again Mr. C for your loving contributions to mankind. No doubt they will continue in your new blog.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a happy and prosperous New Year!

    Love Always,


  7. Morgellons, I feel people accept their symptoms for a variety of reasons … Aging, body changing, heredity, etc … Plus the fact doctors will not acknowledge it usually … Most people still believe their doctors today! I have been thrown out of two doctor’s offices … One a DO and the other an infectious disease doctor… I am hearing of doctors making people go out of their minds of late … I witnessed it 1st hand with the 68 yr old i looked after… I would not say it has died down, but rather being “hushed” more so today!

  8. Dear Mr. C:

    I am very sad that you won’t be online any more. I don’t contribute a lot both because I feel my symptoms are not as severe as most on this “blog?” and because I am not very good with computers. I am so grateful that you were here. I read you a lot, and I keep the stuff you send me in my box. I would be VERY grateful for a recap of your previous info, and welcome any and all insights you may add.

    I would like to point out that the mere fact you are better is a great motivational boost for everyone. However, sometimes I wonder if the overt problems have gone away for you and you are now experiencing more subtle ones.

    For instance, I was fortunate enough to have antibiotics for a couple of months when I first began experiencing problems. I do not have open sores, although I did get splinter-like pieces on my hands, and now that I have been a year without feeling something is attacking the skin surface, I am starting to get rashes on my face. Feeling subcutaneous “bites” again now. Presently have rash in the folds right next to my eyes. Don’t have to stay up all night, as I did before the anitbiotics, silver, and anti-parasitical herbs I took.

    However, in addition to anger issues and depression, I have started feeling a constant sense of hunger. I seem to gain weight very readily. This is confusing to me, since I have spent my life unable to gain weight. The insurance company wouldn’t give me a discount for all the healthy things I do because they claimed I was underweight. When I was pregnant with twins, I gained only a few pounds, and when I gave birth, I had lost weight during my pregnancy. I weighed 83 pounds! I’d always weighed 90 before. I had a fast metabolism and simply worked more if I ate more, trying to gain weight. Now I am so hungry and I am gaining weight.

    Also, now I feel tired all the time. I just want to relax, physically. I drive but don’t want to walk or exercise. My anger and depression add to a feeling of isolation. I just don’t feel like myself. I sincerely hope these are not your issues, too.

    My best wishes to you always,


  9. Turtle, have you taken anti parasiticals lately? That is often the cause of hunger and anger.

  10. Mr C, your blog was a beacon of light for me years ago when all there was out there was fear and conspiracies. They do exsist but fear is a killer when trying to get well. Thank You for all you have done. Looking forward to the Magnus Opus; but please know that you will be missed.

  11. Dear. Mr C,

    I have recently read PDF created by Carnicom Institute, published on the web below ( on 18 December 2013). In that article, we can find an explanation, why morgellons sufferers need the amino acid cysteine. You are one, who realised it a long time ago, you were telling us to take NAC. Thank you for your wisdom and good analytical and logical work.
    As you can see in this article, morgellons use this amino acid for their needs (to form filaments), that is why morgellons sufferers become deficient in these amino acids.
    Below is the web and a paragraph from that PDF. I put it down in hope that people will read this excellent work. I am sure you already read it.
    This paper seeks to identify a host of organic compounds that are likely to comprise the core physical structure of biologically produced filaments characteristic of the Morgellons condition.
    The structure of the filament form appears to be, based upon the best available information to date, primarily that of an “polycyclic organo-metallic halogenated aromatic amine”. Substantial evidence also exists for the coupling of a iron-amino acid(cysteine and histidine dipeptide complex). The implications of such a compound and structure upon human health are profound.

  12. Further to the amino acid need of supplementation; there is a great way to get 18 of them naturally without pills. Google Moringa Powder. I got mine (organic freeze dried) from Amazon, but it is available all over the net and in many health food stores. I add mine to a smoothie as it is sort of like drinking green mud otherwise.

    Looking forward to your Grand Opus. Is it nearing completion?

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