The American Parasite

Long but very revealing, if you stick it out to the end you will be well rewarded … (had to post this as it was so interesting)

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  1. dividing cricker said:

    I know we have several issues but mentioning the sugar and aspartame are just touching on a scant few . When government is pushing the poison on the people –Fluoride , aspartame , GMOs , BIO-PESTICIDE, toxic fuel additives , GEO-ENGINEERING , are just a few … I quit eating GMO , Sugar , and eat all organic … and grass fed meats …. It has taken me 5 years to convince some of my family to change to my diet . As far as probiotics go the best on the market are only as good as the hundreds of other healthful things you should be doing … Acidity is one of the main issues … Bringing your body PH up to a 7.5 or a 8 is way more healthful than probiotics … The healthful bacteria will die in the acid PH … The oil pulling – I started last November 2012 helps kill the over 600 types in the mouth … this reduction helps the body get back to a healthy balance . You must also bring the minerals back in balance … Just doing this will cure the bacteria in the gut ….. The one thing (CURE ALL) has its place with all the other (CURE ALLS) in the trash …. HEART DISEASE has been linked to bacteria (spirochete) . the same tarter in the mouth /teeth is the same as the artery plaques . Some day the AMA will discover this fact …. the bad diet choices are a fact but I don’t think probiotics will cure all our ills , it could get someone on the right path ….. DC

  2. MR. CS – Looking forward to your end post and new thoughts revealed. Thanks for all you have done for the M community. I am still in the battle heavily and can’t seem to get in under control despite many efforts. I wanted to know if DC ( Dividing Cricker) would be interested in talking with me via email. I have been following his/her posts for a while and over on Tina’s site as well. I could use some one on one counseling or help and I like what he/she? has to say and how involved and how much research he/she has done. I would really appreciate it and if so please feel free to give my email address to DC. Thank you. Misty

  3. I was hoping to hear what was causing “M”. It was still a very interesting sales pitch. I might have misunderstood, but I thought I heard on this video that a person can keeping eating pizza, sugar, etc. and still balance the good/bad bacteria within 3 months by taking probiotics? I doubt that would work. Wish it were so simple. I have lost so much weight on my gluten and sugar free diet. If I cheat at all, I start itching. Reminds me of all the men I know who take Lipitor and still eat cholesterol rich food or the diabetics who take a lot of insulin to counter their high sugar diets.

    I will stick to Logos Essential Flora probiotics with 30 billion cultures and 14 strains at $29.99. Think I will try Cricker’s oil pulling. I can’t seem to get my PH higher than 6.0.

    Thanks Mr. C. S. and Happy New Year to you and your family! Mary

  4. Mr. C, The video was very informative as always. This is why we need you to keep this blog ongoing. Where else can we find this information? Sorry, I don’t give up easily and just had to make one last plea. Thank you for all that you have done for the M community.

  5. Misty, Tina can be found on Facebook. She has a great group there called Morgellons Alternative and Plant Based Medicine. Also I agree wih DB you still have much to offer the M community.

  6. Thanks Sharon, I knew of her other site but not fb, I will check it out.

  7. dividing cricker said:

    Misty ,got your message , Tina have your email? MrC doesn’t do contacts …. I don’t think ! If you get in with that bunch , they’ll get you straight … Tina’s a very smart person knows lots about clearing with minimal costs … We did many things together to get clear of this horror . I really don’t have much to add other than trying to be positive and persistent . One step forward and two steps back …. I have seen many types of illness but this must be one of the worst , because we have it …… lol …. We do go through it but many illnesses are horrorable . I think because there is no trust between Doctors and patients , also nothing seems to help ….al least in the short term . Keep your spirit up , listen to some favorite music or a good comic on ytube ….I went through a few years without contacting anybody . Believe it or not there are positives but right now its not worth going into ….. keep praying …. dc

  8. Thanks MRC,
    It is and always has been all about the terrain. Probiotics are crucial in a strong healthy Gut, the gut feeds the blood the blood feeds the body and the blood also feeds the brain.
    I have been exausted for the past 2 years and beieve that this is worth a try.
    Prayers and Light,

  9. DC, Thank you, I just friend requested Tina on FB and she accepted. I had some activity on her blog in the spring/ summer so she accepted. I also requested to be in the group that Sharon mentioned above. Morgellons Alternative and Plant Based medicine but have not received approval yet, so I will try again. Meanwhile, yes, Tina has my email or should have it. I will send her a PM and ask her to give you my email . Thanks so much, I have always felt the most hopeful in reading your stuff and Tina’s, but I just feel I need an actual person to communicate with and teach me some things so I will be more motivated. I would be very grateful. I do think I need to add some plants/herbs perhaps. Thanks again DC. Hope to hear from you soon. or vice versa via email. 🙂

  10. dividing cricker said:

    Well , I’ve gone back to the MRI connection , I know it seems so far fetched but one thing started me thinking … Almost all these CAT scans and MRIs use this contrasting dye … I still don’t quite understand the science but most if not all use a bucky ball that has manganese ,a common iron in its design . .. Our common connection is why we became so sick … The use of MRI seems to be one common link , the contrasting dye causes NSF a disease with all our symptoms — the manganese is feeding the spirochete disease and in turn all this has brought the body out of balance with minerals / vitamins . As I was researching this contrasting dye , I found a list of 1000s of buckyballs used in a life time of products we use everyday … That’s just the buckyball , the other horror is the knowledge that is already known about the MRI and how this is much more dangerous than they thought … Do you know anybody that hasn’t had a MRI ? Right! Our issue seems to be that we had lyme disease …. somehow this buckyball has fed or interacted with spirochetes and made it indestructible … Manganese ,it seems ,feeds the spirochete and the mri buckyball is made of manganese … People with kidney issues or sickle cell are the only group that are being studied with NSF , I think ,we, the morgellons or lyme disease group are being affected just like the others … Like I said it seems so far fetched ,,,,, This contrasting dye has many properties of magnetic or electrical charge , What could be happening is the nerve endings are being faked out , in thinking that bugs are crawling on us … I know electric charges can cause a feeling like this ,,, What I don’t want to do is offend anybody . Its very hard to prove this theory without a lab and a electron microscope ,,, There are tests to measure manganese levels in the blood and to see what tests you have had done …. and this still won’t heal you but might solve some of the nagging questions . The / My theory is the normal body has spirochete and many / 1000s of funguses, viruses and bacteria . This MRI test with the manganese buckyball has made the normal spirochete explode . The other symptoms are from the buckyball , the fibers , the joint pain , the sores and so many other symptoms ALL from this test … THE MRI ….. ASK a morgellons person if they had a MRI ? Everybody I ask had one …. DC

    • I will do a mini survey on Tina’s FB Page “Morgellons alternative health and plant based medicines”
      Dr Klinghardt has a similar theory and he maintains that MRI’s activate the spirochetes.
      I went for an MRI because my knees were so bad and within the time of my results coming back came down with a full blown attack getting so sick I cancelled the knee surgery.

    • Hey DC! Just thought I would check back in, hope we are all improving. You are right on my target, only had that dye once and BINGO! Thank God i have refused it for other family members.. Iodine has been my savior

  11. dividing cricker said:

    Sharon , when I first had this Idea 6 of 6 had MRIs but said they didn’t get a contrasting agent but I’ve been reading that it comes in a pill form and or a shot … This is usually given 15 minutes or so before the MRI … I have had many MRIs CAT scans and Artery brain Xrays . The horror started in the 1995 era but really think the change happened in 2005 . I read about this manganese feeding spirochetes researching parkinsons disease .. I read this month that the CDC wrote a warning about the manganese contrasting dye … Last night I saw more warnings / affecting many more people . Right now there coming out with a more sensitive machine that doesn’t use contrasting dyes … I really think they know how damaging these MRI s are but the COST out weighs the health of the patient … like most things in big business … its an acceptable risk ! especially if the insurance is paying for it … just more money , How this effects people thinking they have bugs is quite a stretch but the size of this nanotechnology really is quite baffling (how small) ? This stuff can travel in a cell ,so it could travel in the body without issue .

    • DC, I did not want to believe it and have resisted accepting the Lyme/Morgellons connection. After reading the effects of advanced borreliosis I am beginning to change my mind. So far in my mini survey I have 3 yes myself included.

  12. Dividing Cricker, what is the main way to make your body more alkaline?
    I am taking cetirizine, alfalfa, Ca/Mg/Zn(was on it prior to M for migraines), Cat’s Claw, Oregano oil, and sometimes drink Pau D’arco tea. I haven’t taken probiotics of any kind yet…always kind of grossed me out…but I eat yogurt occasionally. I mix dandruff shampoo with my body wash and I put baking soda and borax in my wash and vinegar in the rinse water. I usually use homemeade detergent but sometimes too lazy. I use fragrance-free Bounce.
    Recently finally saw the followup “Why are they spraying” video and it was excellent. If only I could get my husband and kids to watch it. If only we could get all lawmakers to watch it!

    • dividing cricker said:

      First get some PH test strips to see what your PH is . I have used enzymedica PH booster pills , Boron pills , but I didn’t realize that KI iodine raises the PH … I use a 12.5 mgs of iodine plus 2 pill … Read Dr Brownstein Iodine why we need it ….. BUT most of my diet is looking for things to boost the PH .. Way before Morgellons I was reading books on ph and healthful things to boost ph … My tap well water is 7.5 from the spigot … I think much of our foods are loaded with acidic things …. This is a work in progress and something I could go on and on about …. There are liquid drops , magnesium Calm , and a slew of webs on PH … Ginger is the highest PH root / I eat ginger in many forms …. A company in Canada sells a water system that boosts the PH to 9 SANTEVIA , it has several affordable units and a years supply of filters with a pitcher is about 150$ …. I also have been using baking soda 2tsp with molasses 1 tsp in 4 oz of hot water …. I do this now and then / not a daily regiment thing … You can get your PH too high /// This is more a ebb and flow thing …. nothing should stay static in the body … Its just something I read years ago … The longest lived people had a common thread … a water with a high ph …. A US general retired did a study of centurions in the world … Was a very interesting article …. We have a lot of deadly things against us but body ph could help Good Luck DC

      • How about eating crystallized ginger?
        i saw that Calm stuff at the looked intriguing, but since i already take oral mg would i be oberdosing on it?
        thanks for replying

  13. dividing cricker said:

    Well sugar is what feeds morgellons or lyme disease … If you get a crawling ,itching reaction its usually from starch or sugar … I quit eating all potatoes / and starch for a long time I used the KING diet but really was a diabetic diet / no sugar / starch / you just know that what your eating is causing symptoms …. You can eat sugar but you will pay … I would juice with ginger and or take pills … and for the CALM magnesium —you can take all you want but you get the runs after a while … you will know when you have had enough … You can’t overdose on that but you can OD on potassium ….

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