America and Other News

I hope Joe doesn’t mind me letting this slip but our own Joseph Keleher will be collaborating with me on the Magnum Opus. I’m really excited about working with Joe and especially providing a serious work to help the Morgellons community cope with this illness.

The video below I thought I’d post as I found it very uplifting ….


Comments on: "America and Other News" (3)

  1. dividing cricker said:

    You guys should write a book and sell it … Most of the information here is free for the taking but much is (read between the lines) Unless you have lived through this nightmare you just don’t know .. … I don’t think anyone would hold this idea as a conspiracy or anything … You have helped us all … A book to make this a record of our struggle would be a very good thing ….. That’s my 2 cents …. DC

  2. dividing cricker said:

    MrC one thing — you have lost all focus on the point — People are seeking help here … this isn’t a 700 club web or a commercial for a counties view — people are in the throws of self destruction and are seeking any help they can /grasping at straws/ … I hope you wake up and see that God gave you a purpose — to help people with this horror — that’s enough . Like Noah — this is your ARK brother … keep building , its not done yet …..

  3. I’m happy to help out with this project! I know how important sharing on Morgellons and healing are. Making money isn’t what this is about…it is about doing for others what you’d want done for yourself. We all deserve to live good and healthy lives.

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