Mr. Common Sense is a Morgellons sufferer, nothing more, he is not a Doctor or a Nutritional Expert. He recommends all people check with their doctor before taking any suppliments or vitamins. He is not seeking vengeance, redress, or notoriety. He is only after the truth and healing and has already forgiven those responsible, if it turns out that there in fact are people responsible … “I forgive you”.

I am not a Doctor or a Nutritional Expert. I recommend all people check with their doctor before taking any suppliments or vitamins.

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  1. Mr Common Sense,
    Do you know, a Mother of a Child with “Morgellons” just emailed me and said, “Do you realize what this has done for me??? I did not believe my son had this disease and I was going to put him in a Mental Hospital.” It is because of your intervention here and putting things together for us, that a 22 year old, young man was saved from a mental hospital.” Validation is key to healing.
    I spoke to her on the phone and told her to forgive herself. It is in Forgiveness and in
    releasing of anger toward ourselves and each other that we can get through this.If this was created by man in his ignorance….we must forgive, then we truly find healing and validation.
    Thank You for pulling this all together, I just read the last line. I forgive them too, now lets get them well.
    Trisha Springstead RN

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Thank you Trisha, if you are saying this mom made this decision because of my blog post then I am truly touched and moved to tears. truly I am. If this is what you mean by the above then my goal of this blog has already been fulfilled. Many within the Morgellons community have been confused by my writing style and that is because I am writing to those who are outsiders looking in. How could such a thing be possible they wonder? Well, if you are one of those outsiders looking in I want you to know it is very possible and sadly, very real. I’m sorry for this mom’s son, I have been in that horrible place where he is now. Let her know he can get better (I am not cured but so much better), and I know you will.

    I ask for healing within our communty. We first need to forgive each other, and I mean within our own Morgellons communty. I ask those who are waging war and forming factions to please stop, let’s work together. There is nothing you can obtain, no fame, no fortune, nor enough bright lights that can compare to the peace that will come from helping cure this disease. Please everyone, stop the hate mail, the black listing. I am shocked that it has come to this. I will not be drawn into any of this kind of behavior.

    Let us all just focus on the family’s going through the kind of living hell that only someone with Morgellons can truly understand. If you are a Morgellons sufferer I know you remember the horror at the onset of this disease, it’s enough to make the most steady person go over the edge. Someday, I want to be driving down the road and look at a group of kids playing and think “Those kids are never going to know that horror because we did what was necessary when called upon“. That will be enough for me. I am truly saddened that a 22 year old kid has this so bad, my prayers are with him, I wasn’t ready for such a devestating blow at this age. God bless his mother for changing her mind.

  3. Amelia Withington MD said:

    Three cheers from this psychiatrist too! Did you know, I have never met a person with Delusions of Parasitosis? Everyone I’ve ever met who was itchy had a real reason!

    I agree with you, if one life is saved or one person can give a sigh with some relief, then our mission is accomplished. Together we can puzzle through this, with everyone having their say and being heard (even if I think the point of view may be very different from my own–there’s always something to learn :>)!

    • Ellis Morgan said:

      Dr. Withington,

      I found mention of you on another site where you had posted about having Morgellons, and had only known of its existence for 48 hours after attending a convention. I found this site by way of a search on your name. I want to say, while Morgellons is tragic, it is very good to have a Doctor of Psychiatry and Neurology who knows firsthand that this is real out there. While I wish you, and none of the rest of us, had to experience it, you add a great deal of credibility to this battle for recognition, validation, research, and treatment. I may not make it back to this site, as I have a huge backlog of Morgy sites and I just can’t track and follow them all. I would like to stay in contact with you, though if you are willing. I would like to perhaps put you in touch with our psychiatrist to discuss this condition. You can email me at morgy@crescent-creations.com (moderator: I created that address specifically for the purpose of discussing Morgellons with certain people, can shut it down at any time I choose if it gets overwhelmed, and do wish it to be posted.)

      To all of you:

      My fiancee, and to a lesser extent myself, have what can be almost nothing other than Morgellons. We see a psychiatrist regularly for other conditions. While we’ve not yet specifically discussed Morgellons with him, as we only determined what we’re nearly certain this is a bit over a week ago and he has been on vacation, we have discussed these symptoms with him at some length before that. He assures us that we do not have Delusional Parasitosis, and that it is a genuinely physical condition. My fiancee has had the inevitable misdiagnosis of DP, as well as folliculitis and ringworm from GPs and dermatologistss. (She underwent prolonged, aggressive, yet unsuccessful treatment for the latter two, and I did as well for ringworm). Our psychiatrist told us he has recently had a massive surge of patient referrals from dermatologists and GPs who had diagnosed DP, many without even following the proper protocol (biopsies and lab work, attentive full body exams, etc) to back up the diagnosis, and he had found that NONE of these patients had DP. They all had legitimately PHYSICAL illnesses, often _accompanied_ by psychological problems _resulting_ from the physical conditions and insulting, rude behavior and summary dismissal by their doctors as being delusional. What ever happened to “Primum non nocere”? These docs need to go back and remember one of the fundamental beginning teachings of their profession. I believe that DP and associated conditions do exist, but have been used as a dismissive umbrella diagnosis by doctors who are too ignorant, lazy, and/or embarrassed to admit they are confounded.

      My fiancee and I have analyzed samples from ourselves and our home with a (sadly low-end toy) microscope, and even begun a couple days ago imaging them digitally with a rig I made by modifying the ‘scope with some stronger optics and adding a CCD imager to it. Despite artifacting produced by low-quality optics, imager, and sample preparation, it is startling how much they look like the typical Morgies. By differentially analyzing different images, and looking at controls and just straight through the device with no sample, I have been able to determine what is and isn’t optical artifacting. I can’t dismiss the likelihood of sample contamination and mis-preparation, but even if what I am imaging is contaminants, many of these things STILL look just like other people’s images of Morgies.

      It is sad and outrageous how much this condition is being exploited by conspiracy theorists and snake-oil salesmen, and how much of the good “signal” is being lost below the “noise floor” of that. I’m skeptical yet open-minded to even some of the more fringy theories of its origin, but really, I feel that there will be time to determine its origin AFTER we all pull together to FIND OUT HOW TO TREAT/CURE IT with a standardized, professional-peer-and-publically-reviewed protocol or protocols. If just one quarter of the energy and money expended on finger-pointing whilst humming the theme melody to “Close Encounters” or “The X Files” had instead been put into good (even amateur but scientifically-minded) research and cooperation, we would already have ten times the progress we now have toward such protocol(s).

      I frankly don’t give a bleep if it’s escaped nanotech, alien invasion, government mind-control or population-culling, a mutant strain of chlamidiae cooperating with viral-packaged pesticides, MTBE poisoning, or Dr. Evil from those movies come to life and doing his latest thing. We can waste all the time in the world talking about HAARP and chemtrails and Teflon, all the while muddying the waters and making things very hard for people who want to do and share actual work on solving the problem, OR we can all calm down with the battles and the snake-oil sales and the paranoia and actually unify in getting something DONE about this. Sure, we want answers about its origin, at some point, but right now I just want a safe, efffective treatment (or hopefully a cure) for my beloved (who suffers terribly from this), myself (with a much milder case) and all the others out there who suffer from this and are psychologically obliterated by the snobbish and summary dismissal they almost always receive from the medical community at the same time they are living a physical nightmare. It is an abomination, and the conspiracy/snake-oil people who pretend to be on “our side” are multiplying the problems we encounter in the medical, scientific, and personal spheres in dealing with this.

      Sadly, some of the best amateur science I’ve seen being done on this is being done by conspiracy theorists, who link their work directly to their conspiracy theories, and therefore will not be able to get their science noticed by professionals and politicians in the appropriate areas since the conspiracy-nutjob stuff gets their work summarily dismissed by the legitimate medical/scientific community. To those people, I say: publish the science, and save the finger-pointing and blame-game and wacky theories on the origins of the condition for later. Your science on the condition itself would be very valuable if you didn’t come off as wacko nutjobs. Once we get real work out there on the condition itself, THEN you will have better information on which to base your claims about its origins, and if you DO happen to be right about the origins, this approach will be much better in acheiving your goal of implicating who/whatever caused it. But we sufferers don’t care where it came from right now. We only care where it is going, and we want that to be “away”.

      Right now, even for those of us with high intelligence and some knowledge of the sciences, it is a nightmare trying to decide among the dozens of approaches to treatment (varying from plumb stupid to possibly reasonable to dangerous to dangerous but possibly cutting-edge and workable) being offered up by unofficial sources, while having little budget, little consensus to be found, and no possibility of “just wait and see” because we are suffering too badly to sit around idly while this schoolyard fight and name-calling keeps distracting energies away from solving this enigma.

      Argh. I didn’t mean to write a novella. I am just frustrated and this group seems like the place to say all this.

  4. Michelle said:

    Hello everyone,
    My first time here; I contracted Morgellons back in May of ’03 and I too had gone to many many doctors with no help.

    Through my own research & studying skin findings through a microscope, I have found these large, open, crusting sores to have what many people with or involved in Morgellons studies are calling “fibers”. These are in fact
    NOT fibers, but actually THE organism or a PART of it. I have found that these “fibers” definitely have movement (which explains the “crawling & biting” sensations! They grow long and weave through the skin surface, damaging the skin to the point of permanent scarring which I stilll have to this day!

    I can’t say for sure whether it has anything to do with a human’s immune system as I am not a scientist, but I too have experimented with many different poisons, sprays, creams, including permithrin (when they first thought it was scabies), was tested for fungus, lyme too, all negative. So I took it upon myself to try and find SOMETHING to help myself since doctors all blew me off as a crackpot.

    Long story short, I figured these “fibers” were some type of worm. So I found a drug called FENBENDAZOLE in the pet store. I gave it a shot, since I was almost suicidal anyway, and in such a desperate mode at one point. I’ve been taking it from about 2005 to the PRESENT; and have erradicated 99.9999% of my sores AND itching!
    If I fail to take some fendbendazole in a 2 or 3 wk. period, I find some recurrences of a few sores in weird areas, like between my little toes or a spot on my forehead, but if I take some of the fen, the sores disappear in one or two days!

    If you would like more information on this, feel free to contact me at michelleathompson@comcast.net . I do NOT want anyone to just take it without any background info, especially if you have some other medical condition and are on other drugs or medications for such.

    I am a 53 yr. old woman who does no illegal drugs and I do not drink alcohol. I was a former realtor with 2 yrs. of college. My husband and son have NOT contracted my Morgellons either!

    But in the beginning of my Morgellons TOTAL HELL, which was mainly from May ’03 to about the beginning of 2005, I could barely stand to get out of bed every day and cried hysterically, had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep, breakouts were very extensive on all four extremities, even the backs of my hands! My nephew said it looked like I had chickenpox! I go to a regular doctor and he has found no abnormalities of my heart nor liver nor kidneys as of about a month ago! Although from beign a smoker, he found I have the beginnings of emphysema. (chain smoking from bad nerves and that disease didn’t help!). I’ve been to many of the forums that are for “Morgies” as we call ourselves, and the ONLY relief I’ve found is the one I myself
    discovered. There are a few others that braved taking it, and also have found almost total CURE! It shrinks up the sores, and almost wipes out that itching/crawling feeling!

    Write me if you so desire. I have many pictures of “before and “after”. BTW, I do NOT sell the fenbendazole!!!! I just wanted to share what I found helped me ALOT!

    Michelle from Delaware County

  5. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Hi Michelle, I know of your story and am glad you are doing well. I too was on the massive Fenben kick when we were all doing it. It’s also very good against protozoa life forms such as microsporidians and anything that ends in azole is anti-fungal as well.

    I don’t want to take anything away from your story at all, but see my last post about Terrain I made just last night. Try this, go off the Fenben for say two months or so and see what happens. If it comes back your holding it at bay but not changing the terrain. See my last post on Terrain, not sure if you read it. My approach has changed to fix my body of everything, not just Morgellons. However, again, you’re feeling better and believe me, I know that when you have Morgellons getting to somewhere where you can live normally is just about everything.

    I debated approving your post, not because your story isn’t valid but I really don’t want to encourage people to take dog dewormers because I know how desperate I was when things were bad. I would encourage you to read my terrain post and think about permanently fixing yourself so you don’t need to take the Fenben any longer. There is a reason we have Morgellons and others don’t. I respect you in that you have stuck around and try to help others, it seems some folks seemed to get cured and feel it fine to just fade off without helping others, to me, that is a real crime. However, that being said, it seems their are very few repeated cases of folks being cured, despite the rumors and such otherwise.

  6. Do I believe there is a cure here now. Yes I do and I will post this later.
    Toss the Microwave it is killing our Food Sources.
    No Soy, Corn, Cotton or Canola
    Ditch the Meat.
    Do not go Vegan these people are getting worse on this diet.
    Eat Lots of Healthy Greens which may be Cooked
    Lots of Good Salads
    Organic Foods are the Best
    Lots of non mercury fish Tuna and Salmon are great for You
    No Sushi unless its Vegtable Sushi
    The Meditarranean Diet by Barbara Minton
    New Hope 1 for Children and New Hope 2 for Adults
    We are working on getting the cost down on anu so it is affordable and I am working on Attorneys for lost wages and disability for Sufferers who can not afford a treatment
    If your house is contaminated then get out of it, nothing is more important than your health.
    If you have problems with your environment then contact Birdmites and Zulieka Walker
    she is a hero to us.
    Do not deworm your animals and if you can get rid of them. I am sorry for Dog and Cat lovers out there.
    Do not kiss pigs these days it is trouble.

  7. "Tristan" said:

    Great site!

    So, I sufferred from Morgellan’s for about 4 months last year (luckily I have since mostly recovered), but whoever I talked to about this illness I had but had never heard anything about before (and this especially applies to my partner at the time) thought that I was utterly delusional. As someone who was highly educated and took pride in his empiricism and logic, this repeated monimer/accusation was very disconcerting for me, to say the least.

    But I knew that what I was suffering from was real – I had strands of microthreads growing out of my body, and strange branch-like things (almost like coral, or something fungal) growing up the sides of my inner thumbs and pointer fingers on both hands, was insanely itchy and utterly depressed. I kept showing people the small fibers that so disturbingly grew out of my body …but they would predictably respond to what I was showing them by saying that the fibers sort of matched some other fabric that was invariably in the room (there was always some fabric around that was black, blue or red) or they said they couldn’t see what I was showing them and what was plainly there. It was really hard, because since I was concurrently suffering from intense depression at the time, I really did start to think that i was losing it.

    Oh, and the fact that I was doing ridiculous amounts of cocaine and drinking ridiculous amounts of liquor to cope with the problem of Morgellan’s and my feeling crazy didn’t help, either, especially in retrospect.

    At this point, having gotten my crap together and having continued to do some research on my supposed “delusions,” I am getting more and more certain that Morgellan’s is going to be discovered to be a multi-faceted disease whereby changes in our physiology (in particular, glucose metabolism, stress hormones, and immune response) feed into a chronic and extensive Candida infection, along with medium grade inflammation, which in turn causes other problems to arise. This is the sort of thing they are finding with metabolic disorder and heart disease/diabetes. Once certain physiological reactions start going in the body, they can cascade out of control and end up reinforcing themselves. I believe that this is the case with Morgellon’s, only that in this case it involves parasites – candida and perhaps others as well.

    My personal story really quickly – having gone through a nearly unbearable breakup, losing my job, and having another simultaneous life crisis event, I started doing cocaine to cope and I drank a lot, too – the combination of which caused me to get acne. To treat the acne, I took tetracycline to try to keep it under control. DUMB! When your immune system is being depressed by cocaine, this is not wise thing to do, guys. And when a sizable share of your total calories are coming from alcohol (candida feast of choice) as well, you are in for a problem.

    With my continued use of tetracycline in conjunction with high amounts of cocaine and alcohol I was consuming, I eventually hit a point where things cascaded out of control.

    The first thing I noticed was that I was getting really bad cases of athlete’s foot – then I got it on my hands, and then I started noticing the fibers growing out of me and branching up my hand from my wrist towards my fingers – but only in areas where the skin on my hand seemed particularly dry.

    In any case, in retrospect I realize that I was suppressing my immune system via multiple pathways and let candida get a such a hold in my body where it really made go a little crazy – though I think that this is particularly the case because i have some background in biology (even though I majored in economics) and there seemed to be nothing in the “legitimate” main-stream scientific literature I knew of about what I was suffering from. Feeling like you are suffering from a disease that is not even acknowledged adds a whole level of discomfort, hopelessness, isolation and fear on top of the acutal physical manifestations of the disease, and when you throw into the mix the accusations that you are delusional from your loved ones and supposed professionals, it is a real shame.

    In any case, I am much better now, though I am still finishing up my licking the candida, which at this point only temporarily flares up on my feet – which I can handle. Which I am glad to handle!

    My best advice is to do a candida diet (low carbs, no sugar, coconut oil) and take a hard-core internal (not topical) anti-fungal medication like Nizoral or Lamasil.

    I wish you all the best. If you have any questions or want to throw ideas back and forth (I have done a lot of research on this, but your site did give me a couple of additional insights – particularly re: toulene – good work!). I also think that this disease has to do with chronic medium-grade inflammation and potentially the glutamate pathways in the brain – something which is being found -upon more and more research- to regulate inflammation throughout the body and significantly affect the traditional and better known neurotransmitter levels (e.g. the catechomines -dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine).

    In any case, I wish you and everyone who finds this sight the best. Hang in there. If you need someone who is not currently suffering from the disease to vouch for its validity and existence, let me know.

    Take care.

  8. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Very interesting post Tristan, you were playing heavily in the Acetaldehyde arena, candida from the antibiotics, alcholol, cocaine … and it appears all this before your Morgellons out-break (hmmm, how all very interesting). I really think that what you are saying is a good part of the truth, I am learning (through my getting better) that the main battle for Morgellons is in the “gut”, and you are right, some process get’s jumped started (my words) in your body that can sustain itself. I have terrible Costochondritis and that is a swelling issue, it really feels like you’re going to have a heart attack, but it has effected my heart too. It does involve inflammation, no doubt about it. Stick around Tristan, I think we are leading to the same conclusion only I haven’t all the facts yet.

    • OK- my 2 cents…
      My story is similar to Tristan’s… less the cocaine & alcohol, (though that particular combination of substances was at one time in my life a staple). For me, I had recently taken over a struggling business and was putting in some ridiculous hours, working nonstop for months at a time without a day off. I got to a point where I was under tremendous stress, and living mostly on pizza and coke. Just about every evening I would have a pizza and a liter of coke delivered to my office. I would go home for a few hours sleep, come in to work and have the leftovers for breakfast and lunch, then start the whole process over again, night after night.

      Needless to say, my health suffered. The doctors at my HMO were dumbfounded. I found a book at Whole Foods Market that described my symptoms to a tee. I had Candida, or Candidiiasis, I don’t remember exactly the difference, I just knew I had it bad. The athlete’s foot, red splotches on my neck and upper body. So I followed the advice in the book, changed my diet, cut the sugar and the carbs and got much better.

      Years later, after I slipped back into some poor eating habits, I started to discover the horrifying symptoms we are all familiar with. My wife thought I was losing it. My relatives dismissed my claims and “hypochondria”. I stumbled upon the Morgellons sites while googling for answers. I soon realized a lot of unscrupulous folks had started a cottage industry by posting misinformation and selling their “cures” at the bottom of the page. I find that to be the ugliest aspect of this condition.

      Long story short, I am convinced there is a GMO connection and that Candida is a precursor, or “gateway” if you will, that allows the pathogen to enter our bloodstream.
      My wife and daughter were never affected, but most likely were exposed at the same time I was. It was just that my immune system was compromised and I was smoking pretty heavily as well. That’s my guess.

      I have pretty much cured myself of 90% of the symptoms just by restricting my diet to fish, dark green vegetables (brussels sprouts like as much as you can stand)spinach, kefir (plain, unsweetened), yogurt, and sauerkraut. The sauerkraut must be made the traditional method, basically fermented cabbage, water and salt being the only ingredients. The kefir, yogurt and sauerkraut replenish the beneficial bacteria in the gut which in turn kill off the yeast.

      A few months ago I felt an awful burning itch go down my leg and into my foot. For the next couple of weeks, I got huge burning itching blisters around the toes and under the arch of my foot, I literally thought I was going to lose a toe. I can only describe what came out of my foot as “debris”… seriously there were actually little wads of what looked like cotton emerging from my flesh, among other solid matter that just didn’t look right (tiny stones, crystals, even metal flakes). I know the PalMD crowd will get a kick out of this post, but at this point, who cares. It seems the fungus had lost the battle in my gut and was forced out of my body through the path of least resistance. The biting, stinging and itching is essentially gone.

      Last thing I am going to try is the internal antifungal that Tristan suggests. I don’t believe all this constitutes a total cure, but it virtually eliminates the symptoms, until a definative cause and remedy can be identified.

      Good luck to all that find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to deal with this little slice of hell on earth. Compliments to Mr. Common Sense for organizing a site where cooler heads prevail.

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