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An Interesting Disclaimer at the End of the Morgellons CDC Study

DISCLAIMER: The findings and conclusions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kaiser Permanente or the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.


So, in the end, it would appear that nobody is responsible for this study, or on the hook for it’s claims and or results.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

So Stop Calling It Morgellons

A blog post well worth reading …

Sorry for the barrage of posts, but with the recent news story there’s a lot happening

Fox News Report on Morgellons Study

This video is unfortunately what the media is reading into the study.  At then end of the video, when this supposed medical expert points to his head, I just had to chuckle. Interestingly, even he himself stated that he has had patients with this (and he is in NY). Basically, people with this condition are everywhere and yet the conclusion is that it’s all in everyone’s mind. What has to be true for this assumption to be correct? Which is more plausible, that there is a real, physical, causal agent behind Morgellons or that a mass mental delusion is spreading throughout the land?

Report HERE ==> CLICK

CDC Morgellons Study Finally Released

First, please, for those of you that are down and really suffering don’t be discourage. I will be posting a video on this site with me in the video speaking directly to you tell you how to cope with this disease and what we are going to do. I know there are people on the edge, hang on, you’re going to make it.


But the study shouldn’t be interpreted to conclude that the problem is all in sufferers’ heads, Eberhard stressed. Instead, it should be a baseline for future research and encouragement for patients and their doctors to work together, harder, to find a cause.

“These people are definitely suffering from something,” Eberhard said. “It has impacted their lives greatly.”

Here is a link on the CDC site proving it’s really released: CDC Website Announcing Report

The full report: Full CDC Report (Scroll Down, it’s Bigger than it First Appears)

Now, for a link to a ton of news stories on the subject:

See this Report : HERE

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CDC – Where does the money go?

While you’re watching this video think about the tawdry 350k they spent on our “supposed” study as they workout in their state-of-the-art excercise center complete with 30,000 sauna’s, quite rooms, and zero gravity chairs fitted with mood enhancing lights for their employees. I figure they must need all these things because, as we all know, they are working feverishly night and day to discover the cause of Morgellons Disease.

Please, Everyone watch this video. Click on the image.

Morgellons – A Call To Action

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of the video and watch this full screen as it’s HD.