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More on Ultrasound View Filarial Worms in Humans

I don’t have time this weekend to do the research but want to point everyone to the article where I found the video’s in my previous post. The article is from the Filarial Journal and can be found here:

Animated documentation of the filaria dance sign (FDS) in bancroftian filariasis

The Ultrasound they mention is as follows:

Ultrasound examination was carried out between 2 pm and 7 pm in a darkened room using a SonoSite 180 PLUS hand-carried ultrasound system (SonoSite Inc.; Washington, USA equipped with an L 38 mm 5–10 MHz linear array transducer. For scrotal ultrasound a frequency of 7.5 MHz was used. The men were examined in a supine position in order to reduce interference by movements of the patients themselves. Ultrasound gel was kept at room temperature to reduce interference from the cremasteric muscle.


This page is as close as I found to ultrasound that was used, see this page I think that unit is retired as they have newer even more high resolution versions, check this one out

Pulsed Wave Doppler

The SonoSite® 180PLUS™ system provides a sensitive and accurate quantitative assessment of blood flow, enabling the user to measure velocities and identify flow characteristics in arteries and veins. Doppler signals are exceptionally clean enhancing diagnostic confidence for vascular exams.

Color Power Doppler

For quickly detecting blood flow in vessels or for guiding the placement of a pulsed Doppler sample volume, color power Doppler is a very sensitive mode that is less angle-dependent than velocity-based color flow. Directional color power Doppler is also available on selected transducers.


I will being doing much more research into this … I have asked someone that has written to me privately to comment on this thread, this person knows far more about ultrasound than I do.


I know How Morgellons Can Be Identified

Okay, it’s time for this nonsense to end. Many claim Morgellons patients are infected with nematodes or filarial worms and they stand a good chance at being correct. There is a very easy way to identify worms in the human body, and it’s not invasive, doesn’t require a stool sample, and is quite inexpensive to have done. No needles, nothing is even extracted from the human body and there is no guesswork, you can ACTUALLY SEE THE WORMS.

My next blog post will outline how we can finally end this nightmare, or at least end the debate as to whether or not we are infected with nematodes and or filarial worms. There is no debate here folks, identifying worms in humans is quite simple and there is a readily proven technology for doing so. It is done with Ultrasound and it can take less than 10 minutes to identify them in the human body, and is quite easily done. If you want to read ahead Google “Filarial Dance Sign” along with Ultrasound. We can prove this ourselves even if we have to buy the equipment. And it can be done with a simple hand held device.

Filarial Dance Sign

Movie of filarial (worms) in a mans testicles. They are clearly visible. From my reading it can take a little as 6 minutes to find them in your body. Please take a look at these video’s again, these are cleaner versions.

Watch this 2nd Video Through to the end …

I honestly believe that what stands between us and Morgellons being identified as a nematode/filarial worm infection is only a matter of a few hours of work, and there’s no guesswork. Do I have your interest? I should, because it’s a damn shame that we are still suffering and we are for no reason at all. I’ve had it, I’m ticked off, and I’m not stopping until I prove this is the case.

Watch for my next blog post which will outline exactly how this can be done along with overwhelming medical researching showing it actually being done, complete with movies of the worms doing the “Filarial Dance” inside the human body. This is it, this crap stops here and it stops now.

Mr. Common Sense