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I am a Turkey Bird

I’m all mixed up and moving in sterio …

My Favorite All Time Scene From Cheers

I have the link set to skip right to the scene, so don’t be alarmed when it starts well into the clip. Just before this scene Diane was telling Sam an intelligent women would see through his line of BS a mile away … Great Scene.

1976 Time Machine

I remember loving to hear this song on the school bus heading for Jr. High …

They are saying “Funky” just to be sure here.

Our Very Own Joe – Local Boy Done Good


Our very own Joseph Keleher has written a wonderful book. In case you are unaware Joe has recovered from Morgellons and has written five of the very best articles published on our condition. They can all be found by clicking HERE. Here’s a quick sampling of the book.

“Mateusz and his grandfather decide, one wintry day in Krakow, Poland, to begin the creation of a traditional Christmas crib (a manger scene set in a model based on one or more of Krakow’s historic buildings). The boy is the artist and works on the design, while Grandpa focuses on the model construction.

Mateusz abandons the project after Grandpa’s unexpected death. Grandma’s wishes and Grandpa’s words of, "Always finish what you begin" rekindle the construction and completion of the award winning Christmas Crib.”

I think this book would make a wonderful Christmas present for the young and old in your family. For more information on the book click this LINK. It’s available for purchase HERE and HERE.

By the way, Joe is a real adventurer and has been in Africa for these past six months or so. Way to go Joe and Congratulations !!  I know I’m ordering my copy, though we have never met I feel like I know Joe personally.

Just Say No to GMO Music Video