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CBS News airing program on Omar Amin Phd and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome

A Special thank you goes out to Pamela Mae of for alerting me to this important news story.

CBS News airing program on Omar Amin Phd and NCS on Tuesday night at 10pm Neurocutaneous Syndrome and Morgellons

This is the summary Pamela Provided to me in the Email.

Very nice. Good Press. Sound Science.

We know that each case with Morgellons is slightly different. But all present with Hyper-toxicity and Fungal involvement. I do not believe that Omar Amin Phd is saying ‘All’ Morgellons patients have ‘Only’ Hyper-toxicity from Dental products.

Because Omar Amin Phd is a Parasitiologist, I believe he is aware that because of the Toxic state of NCS or Morgellons patients that the body has become unable to move the toxins out.

The body has then developed Fungal involvement,in some cases bacterias,and in other cases an external parasite. As is evidenced in the work by Nancy Guberti CHN,by her  ‘Functional Medicine Testing’ done on Morgellons patients.

It is my own personal belief that  Dr Fry’s,’ Protomyxzoa’ which is a blood based newly discovered protozoan ,also needs to be eventually dealt with,and which comes into remission when all of the above are controlled dealt with or eradicated.

Our health and welfare are not based on the CDC, the Government,or upon Foundations which really say or do nothing.

It is driven by the Lord our God,and the wisdom and it’s responsibility given to good individuals who will move sound science to help those in need.

Congratulations and to you Omar Amin Phd.

Pamela Mae


Scottsdale doctor claims to find cause of skin crawling disease



“It will make you crazy because that’s all you can think about,” said Stacy Hillman, who describes 2011 as the year from hell. “I was suicidal,” she said.

Last March, Stacy started feeling pin pricks on her skin and a few weeks later, lesions covered her entire body.

She tells CBS 5 News, “It felt like there was some type of bug, thousands of bugs, crawling all over my face.”

Stacy and her husband, Jeff, spent thousands of dollars going from doctor to doctor, trying to get help.

Jeff remembers those visits. “They basically would look at her like she was crazy.”

Stacy shared that skin-crawling sensation with thousands of people all over the country.

It’s common name is Morgellon’s syndrome, which the CDC doesn’t recognize as legitimate. Critics say it’s a mental issue.

Stacy fires back, “Pray you don’t ever have it for a day or a week, and then talk to me and tell me if it’s all in your head.”

The Hillman’s found relief in Dr. Omar Amin in Scottsdale.

He’s a parasitologist, but since so many sought his help believing they were infected by bugs, he wanted answers.

“I’m a hard-core, old-fashioned scientist,” said Amin.

Amin believes the problem actually comes down to dental material, that is not compatible with the body’s immune system.

The exposure to those toxins causes nerve damage, which makes it feel like the skin is crawling.

Amin says, “the nerve cells will misfire. You have no normal nerve impulse anymore, and that misfiring will cause the sensations of movement and pinprick.”

The lymphatic system tries to eliminate those toxins through the skin, which breaks out in sores and invites other biological organisms to nest, like spores which grow long-stemmed fungus.

The concept is new to science and easy to dismiss, but Amin warns thousands are at risk.

“Everybody who has dental work, and that’s just about everybody who lives in this culture of ours, is an open game,” he said.

Amin calls the disorder, NCS, for neurocutaneous syndrome, and sees patients from all over the world.

The Hillmans came to seek treatment from Los Angeles. Stacy is taking homeopathic remedies, and her dentist has started to replace her fillings with more compatible material based on her individual blood tests.

If you would like more information on Amin and his Parisitology Clinic in Scottsdale, visit his website here:


Morgellons – A Call To Action

You can click on the lower right hand corner
of the video and watch this full screen as it’s HD.

Another In-Depth Television Expose on Morgellons

Even though you might not understand the language this report seems pretty involved. Also, I know it was made very recently as it borrows footage from the History Channel special. This first video is part two, I have it so it starts during the doctor examination, but the full video’s are shown below.

Here is the two part series:

Part One

Part two

Morgellons on the History Channel

This just aired for the first time I believe last night on the History Channel. Ancient Aliens season 3 episode 7 Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics

Morgellons: A hidden epidemic or mass hysteria?

Will Storr
The Guardian, Saturday 7 May 2011

It all started in August 2007, on a family holiday in New England. Paul had been watching Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix with his wife and two sons, and he had started to itch. His legs, his arms, his torso – it was everywhere. It must be fleas in the seat, he decided.

But the 55-year-old IT executive from Birmingham has been itching ever since, and the mystery of what is wrong with him has only deepened. When Paul rubbed his fingertips over the pimples that dotted his skin, he felt spines. Weird, alien things, like splinters. Then, in 2008, his wife was soothing his back with surgical spirit when the cotton swab she was using gathered a curious blue-black haze from his skin. Paul went out, bought a £40 microscope and examined the cotton. What were those curling, coloured fibres? He Googled the words: "Fibres. Itch. Sting. Skin." And there was his answer. It must be: all the symptoms fitted. He had a new disease called morgellons. The fibres were the product of mysterious creatures that burrow and breed in the body. As he read on, he had no idea that morgellons would turn out to be the worst kind of answer imaginable.

Read the rest of the long news story here …

There are some pretty startling things supposedly said by researchers, but I doubt the veracity here.

Help There Are Fibers Growing Out of My Eyeballs

Hey, don’t blame me for that title, it’s from a new book just released titled “The Panic Virus“. There is actually a chapter called Help There Are Fibers Growing Out of My Eyeballs and it’s on page 87, click HERE if you want to read it.

It’s a pretty harsh view of Morgellons, in some respects I cannot blame the author. I am sure his search turned up the same stuff that in part drove me from the forums, and that’s a lot of crazy stuff. Now, Mr. Mnookin not having suffered from this condition has no way to comprehend it’s bizarre nature. He doesn’t take into account what it must be like to have the sensation of millions of bugs or perhaps worms crawling under one’s skin. I’m in agreement with Joe Keleher on this point, the sensation is not bugs, it only feels like bugs. Please note that I am not saying bugs aren’t eventually drawn to a Morgellons sufferer, we know that is true. My point here is that one of mans primal fears is the fear of bugs, this is documented in study after study. Is it any wonder the sensation of such a thing is enough to drive some over the edge.

No doubt many attribute every piece of dust, every strange thing seen under a scope to Morgellons and have posted some embarrasing things that hurt our community, and this only serves as ammuntion for those who would mock Morgellons sufferers. To the Morgellons sufferer I say “Stop looking”, it doesn’t matter. It’s how you feel that counts.

Anyway, the author presents a pretty dim view of Morgellons, some of it justified when viewed by an outsider never having suffered from this condition.

Here is the last paragraph from the chapter. If you really sit and think about what is being said here it is truly revealing, not to mention some of the factual errors such as “millions of dollars” and “widescale study”. In all of the forums in all these past years I have yet to hear of a single person who was actually in this study.

The CDC, whose budget is determined by Congress and the president, had no choice but to acquiesce, and for perhaps the first time in it’s history agreed to fund a widescale study into a condition that doctors and scientists overwhelmingly agreed didn’t exist. In a statement announcing a study that will cost millions of dollars to complete, the agency said that “an increased number of inquiries from the public, health care providers, public health officials, Congress, and the media” led to it’s agreeing to look into “an unexplained skin condition”. To this day, there has not been a single, independently verified case of Morgellons syndrome.

I think it’s interesting that this book is just coming out, surely the author knows that the CDC Study results have been sent off to be published, probably in JAMA. He even has a chapter dedicated to “Mercury Moms”, interesting I thought considering the presentation made by Joe last night, which by the way, will be covered in an upcoming blog post as it was terrific.

Click on the picture of the book for a review …

Cindy Casey to appear on the Rachael Ray Show, July 23rd


Tune in or set your DVR’s to the Rachael Ray Daytime Talk Show on Friday, July 23, 2010 for a segment on Morgellons and Lyme featuring an appearance by Cindy Casey. The Charles E. Holman Foundation website provides a link for details on what time the program will air in your area.

You can also find the time and date information at :