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Bio-terrain and Health (an article from the Anu team)

The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Any decision on your part to read and use this information is your own personal choice. I do not recommend any of the material on my site be used on children. I decide to publish/reproduce many articles that focus on bio-terrain issues and this is but one of them.

I was given Anu about 6 months ago to try for free when they were wanting to know if it could help people with Morgellons and it did help me (I always did very low dose, 1 or 2 oz). After that however, I paid full price for Anu. I was not given free product to publish this article nor do I make any money from Anu sales, or any products for that matter. If you click on the “ESP Botanicals” link on the right under my “Blogroll” section they can answer your questions if you have any regarding Anu usage or purchasing Anu. I am merely sharing this information, not making recommendations.

Have you ever wondered why some people are more susceptible to illness than others? There are many external factors which contribute to the degradation of our internal health. Just as our external environment is important in determining our state of being, there is an internal environment, our “Bio-Terrain” that is equally important. We are discovering more and more that there is a correlation between our environment, both the inner and outer, and disease. Bio-terrain is the environment that surrounds the cells of our bodies. It contains the fluids, the nutrients, the minerals and trace elements, adjacent cells of all types, and a host of microorganisms both good and bad. When one’s bio-terrain is overloaded with toxins and pathogens (funguses, molds, viruses, bacteria, etc.); lacks essential minerals and nutrients, and is either too acidic or too alkaline, our cell’s vitality is compromised and our immune system is overworked. When the bio-terrain is out of balance our bodies become susceptible to illnesses, fatigue, and a host of other maladies. A healthy, vibrant bio-terrain is fundamental to true health, as disease can be easily resisted and cannot establish the conditions that would result in illness.

Our environment has become filled with pollutants that can have devastating impacts on the air, the water, and the soil. Enormous loads of horrifying lethal chemicals and atomic waste have been dumped into our waters where they lie, waiting like time bombs to detonate and destroy. Testing by the CDC, (The Center for Disease Control, a U.S. Federal agency), involving 2,400 adults and children, documented more than two hundred synthetic chemical toxins in the subjects bodies, with hundreds more chemicals suspected to be present. The peer-review journal Environmental Science & Technology published a paper detailing the chemical analysis of thirty-two food products. Ice cream, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, chicken, and turkey had high levels of PBDE, A common fire retardant chemical. Recent water testing revealed that more than 60% of the rivers and streams in the state of California contained high levels of Prozac, Ritalin and different forms of antibiotics. Once these chemicals get in the human body they can persist in tissues for years and their effects can perhaps last for a lifetime.

“Living on Planet Earth is Toxic to Our Health” – CDC, 1997

Environmental squalor wields considerable demands on the human health. The result of this – Mother Earth is not a healthy planet. Nor are the inhabitants of the planet, in the past 100 yrs, cancer mortality rate has gone from 3% of all deaths to 20%. The incidence of diabetes went from 0.1% of the population to 20%! Heart disease went from being almost nonexistent to killing more than 700,000 people a year in the US.

We are discovering more and more that there is a correlation between our external environment, and those parts we internalize through the food we eat and the liquids we drink, and health. It seems that our inner environment is a reflection of our toxic outer environment. The health of our internal environment, our bio-terrain, is what scientists are finding determines our state of wellness.

A Healthy Bio-Terrain

Allopathic or Western medicine is based on the germ theory of Louis Pasteur who believed that the introduction of bacteria into our body is the origin of infectious diseases. By approaching disease based on Pasteur’s germ theory, doctors have been treating the symptoms only. In order to treat the disease doctors destroy the bacteria or infectious agent with drugs and chemicals, many of which cause harm to the Bio-Terrain creating additional problems. This is why often in treating one condition, another condition is created.

An alternative approach to the Allopathic method of treatment is based on nineteenth century microbiologist Antoine Béchamp’s research which discovered that the internal condition of our bio- terrain determines our state of health. (It is interesting to note that at the very end of his life Pasteur ended his bitter disagreement with Bechamp and acknowledged Béchamp’s theory as correct.)

Bechamp discovered that “microzymas”, ("Micro" meaning small and "zymas" referring to a special class of enzymes) are involved in the decomposition and pathological processes of plants and animals. He learned that microzymas could evolve into bacterial forms under certain environmental conditions. When the culture of our Bio-Terrain is out of balance (from the conditions we have discussed) it creates an abnormal or decaying environment and the microzymas actually morph into more complex and degenerative forms, such as bacteria, fungi and virus. This is the Theory of Pleomorphism, (meaning, many forms) and his investigations led to the understanding of the bacterial lifecycle.


Bechamp found that the imbalances in one’s biological terrain are the underlying cause of illnesses. In other words, he believed that it is not germs that cause disease, but rather the internal environment of the body that determines whether disease will materialize or thrive in our bodies based on the pleomorphic stage. He proposed that by changing the environment, these forms could evolve back into the simpler healthy primitive forms. In simple terms, the state of our bio-terrain is a reflection of our state of health. Bechamp affirmed that if one had a strong bio-terrain, the body could resist disease. To prove this, in front of an astonished group of skeptics, he drank a glass of cholera filled water with no ill effects!

A Healthy Bioterrain

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal themselves, but they are vulnerable to toxins and stress in the environment and inside your own body that make you sick. Factors that affect the bio-terrain include:

  • Water/Hydration
  • Diet: Intake of nutrients and/or sugars, caffeine, etc
  • Amount of Stress and Negative Emotions
  • Exposure to Environmental Toxins, Noise and electromagnetic Pollution
  • Use of Medications, skin and hair products, etc that bring chemicals into the body
  • Exercise

How do you know if you have a healthy or unhealthy bio-terrain? The most common method is to measure the pH, ratio of acidity to alkalinity, of the body and blood. Another is the amount of minerals.

“The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.” Alexis Carroll, Nobel Prize Winner 1912

Human blood stays in a very narrow pH range right around 7.35. Below this range means symptoms and disease, so in order to achieve optimal health, one must maintain the pH balance of their bio-terrain terrain. If the body’s pH is not balanced, it begins to develop degenerative changes which has a harmful effect on every cell in the human body

The role of minerals in health cannot be overemphasized; they are part of the core foundation of the human body. Minerals are literally the building blocks on which ALL other processes in the body depend. Minerals are important to process food, waste products, hormone production, create nerve impulses, and much more! The lack of trace minerals in industrial farms’ soils means that supermarket foods look good and are much less nutritious than organically grown food. Mineral deficiencies create many degenerative diseases. Linus Pauling said “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” This follows the theory of Bechamp and bio-terrain.

Informational Fields from Mineral complexes

Just dissolving various minerals (or vitamins) in water or swallowing supplements does not make them useful to the body’s bio-terrain. For example, when you eat an orange, you are not just taking in vitamin C alone as an “isolate”. You are taking in a very large number of adjunct minerals and complex organic compounds that make the “living vitamin C” in that orange useful to the body in a way that is far superior to taking a much larger dose of pure vitamin C by itself.

clip_image003Scientists have well documented how minerals interact with each other, for example the most effective ratio of calcium and magnesium. Of the 108 elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, 92 are used in the human body, most in trace amounts.

While the physical mineral is important, there are equally vital functions that are non-physical. Minerals can store and transfer electric energy. Minerals also produce a frequency which works to create a field of information around them. The purity of the mineral determines the qualities of each mineral’s frequency and its contribution to the building of the information field. In a mineral complex the energies can be constructed to provide the maximum information that generates the full expression of each cell. The endless number of potential interactions produces a symphony of frequencies and information fields. It is as if the minerals are speaking to one another!

This information is processed through a single hair-like fiber, the Cilium, found on each cell of our body. Cilia serve as a type of antenna sensing chemical signals and relaying them into the cell through proteins. These signals are processed in the cell nucleus influencing cell expression, growth and function development.

"When a gene product is needed, a signal from its environment,
not an emergent property of the gene itself, activates expression of that gene." H.F. Nijhout

This means the cells interact appropriately to their environment. This leads to the understanding that fields of electromagnetic information and energy have profound implications for biochemistry. Our bodies are both biochemical process and information field driven. What this means is that information field may be as important, if not more important than the actual physical mineral. The fields of acupuncture, homeopathy and energy medicine all have abundant data to support this position.

How Does Anu Rebalance and Revitalize the Bio-Terrain

While there are many factors that affect the health of the bio-terrain that Anu cannot address, it can have a profound effect on hydration and nutrients. The minerals contained in Anu create a rich informational field, which is what makes Anu so special. Anu is a revolutionary, breakthrough product unlike any other. It combines a unique, energized, holistic solution of dissolved minerals and trace elements with very pure, slightly alkaline, oxygenated water and through this process creates a low concentration of hypochlorous acid to create “super living water”, that the body can easily absorb and use to revitalize and rebalance one’s bio-terrain. As the Bio-Terrain is revitalized and each cell is signaled with this information through the Cilium, the cells begin to have what is known as true expression, and the magic of health begins.

Why is Anu Different from Other Mineralized Water or Supplement Products?

Anu Water has a unique, proprietary process that takes a naturally balanced solution of over 43 essential minerals and trace elements and energizes them in a way that they synergistically work with each other as if “alive”, like eating an organic orange. The information field that is created allows these minerals to interact so that they can inform and be absorbed by our cells optimally. Unlike mineralized waters, the minerals and trace elements in Anu are fully available to our living cells. The alkalinity of Anu is set to facilitate this process as well as optimize the pH (acid/alkaline balance) of our bio-terrain.

To fully control and guarantee the purity of the minerals and information, Anu has developed a proprietary 5 stage filtering process that produces the purest water available. While high-end systems can deliver at best 12-15 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), the Anu Water process delivers 3-5 ppm TDS, and simultaneously removes any prior information fields left by chemicals, leaving a clean base. It’s like an artist starting with clean white paper. It then uses pure mineral sources in other proprietary processes to re-mineralize the water in the proper ratios to create the powerful information field.

The other key component in Anu is hypochlorous acid (HCLO). HCLO is a substance that is naturally formed in the body and used by the white blood cells to fight pathogens. The EPA has recognized that HCLO knocks out molds, fungus, viruses, and bacteria such as E. coli, staphylococcus and others on contact. Not only does HCLO assist the body to knock out pathogens in our bio-terrain, it also oxygenates the bio-terrain as well in the process, creating a healthier environment and providing vital energy. HCLO is not added to Anu, rather it occurs naturally in our process, just as it does in the body.

This combination of “live” minerals, balanced pH, and HCLO is why Anu Water, along with a healthy diet and life style is uniquely able to optimally revitalize and rebalance our bio-terrain.

While the effects of Anu on the bio-terrain are profound, Anu by itself is no guarantee of good health. We at Anu Water strongly believe, however, that it is the best product available to revitalize and rebalance our bio-terrain which is a fundamental prerequisite and often the overlooked ingredient to great health. Since Anu is such a powerful way to revitalize and rebalance one’s bio-terrain, it is sold only through health care professionals as Anu should be part of a holistic approach to optimizing anyone’s health and vitality.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Have a healthy holiday,

The Anu team


A Few PH Polls

I’m curious as to what you are all doing concerning your PH (potential hydrogen). I’m going to start monitoring mine very closely. I spoke to the folks from VAXA who make the Buffer PH product to get some tips. I will publish my results after I monitor my PH for about two weeks. I know recently for some reason I went pretty acidic again, which suprised me. The folks at VAXA said stress can even cause that, and maybe that’s what it was for me. Take the time to answer the polls if you would. The kind lady I spoke with at VAXA said that 1st thing in the morning was the best time to get a true reading of your bodies PH.

Morgellons – Get Your Swimming Pool Cleaned Up

First, If you missed my blog post titled Morgellons Disease – There is No Spoon it’s simply a must read and probably my most important post. If you are a Morgellons sufferer you are going to want to read the post above. The following information below goes hand in hand with it.

Okay, I know, I said I wasn’t going to do a blog post for a while but a link to DoctoR RotcoD was sent to me and it really didn’t take much time to put this post together. I just have to share this information with you and thought you should all be aware of her work. Too many doctors today have a forwards name with backwards thinking so she reversed the order (her words) in her name.  What she is saying really corresponds with how my protocol on my terrain post I believe has helped me become symptom free. She has a quirky style (purposefully) but she is great at presenting information in an easy to understand style …


Health optimized is food oxidized. Learn how incompletely oxidized carbohydrates make cholesterol, triglycerides, fats and acids that lower the pH of your tissues and contaminate your swimming pool with tiny microbes that can infect any type of cell and tissue. Because doctors don’t test for these microbes that normally turn you to dust when you die, many people are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and prescribed drugs with more harmful side effects than Methuselah could count years. The power of Health, then, is pH control by complete oxidation of carbohydrates and avoidance of soda…not too hard, is it? Watch each short video and it will all come together for you, and learn how modern medicine lost its way.

For inquiring minds: DoctoR RotcoD is a reflection of Modern Medicine: Loud (her voice), obnoxious (her attitude), a mess (her hair) and backwards (her name).

To your health and long life, DoctoR RotcoD


Here are some terrific YouTube Video’s of hers, they are well worth watching.  The first video is absolutely brilliant, watch it and you’ll be hooked …





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