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The American Parasite

Long but very revealing, if you stick it out to the end you will be well rewarded … (had to post this as it was so interesting)


V8 Juice to the Rescue


I have made an incredible discovery for my personal health, especially concerning my anxiety. V8 Juice has turned my life around, no kidding. The Low Sodium v8 Juice is terrific, and it has the most potassium of any food source I’ve found.

My skin looks absolutely unbelievable, in just two days the change was absolutely incredible. I am truly amazed. I have long known that a lot of my problems were due to low potassium but it’s hard to get enough potassium in your diet. Several times while I was in the ER thinking I was having a stroke they told me my potassium was low.

I had been drinking Orange Juice but it doesn’t have near the potassium that V8 (Low Sodium) does. One 8oz glass of V8 Low Sodium has 820 mg of potassium plus it’s loaded with lycopene’s.

My anxiety has been drastically reduced and my energy is great. I drink two full 8oz glasses a day, but not a the same time. It’s like eating a ton of vegetables too, so healthy.  My heart no longer feels weak and my dizziness and weakness are fading fast.

I even am digging the taste, it takes some getting used to, but if you have red, blotchy skin, or just unhealthy looking skin V8 is terrific. The best part is I no longer have to use Orange Juice or Banana’s to get my potassium which are both loaded with sugar. And 1 8oz glass of v8 contains 120% of your daily Vitamin C as well.

I buy these big bottles shown above. Once you open them you need to refrigerate them. V8 is going to be a permanent and important part of my daily terrain building routine.


Morgellons – Conquering my Re-infection

After nearly a year of being totally free of Morgellons to my surprise I was re-infected by a single pat on the back from a person who I know has Morgellons. This happened to me on July 12th of this year. At the end of this post I am going to summarize what I think this all means.

I must admit, I was shocked. As soon as this co-worker gave me a pat on the back I thought “Oh crap!” but assumed nothing would come of it because my terrain was strong (even though I wasn’t doing much terrain building for months). However, something did happen and it happened very quickly. I felt the crawling start within a matter of minutes and even more alarming was that within two hours the crawling had reached my ears. I say alarming because in my previous three year struggle with Morgellons never did I have crawling in my ears. At this point I was still at work and my mind was racing with thoughts like “How bad is this going to get?” and “What in the world could go from a pat on the back to my ears so quickly"?” and so on …

Then, there it was, the panic, the fight or flight feeling, and a whispering in my ear, “You’re in for it this time, it’s going to get really bad now”. I decided I wasn’t falling for it. I mean after a year and a half of blogging and encouraging people not to go down that road was I now going to do that very thing? I was pretty sure I was done with this mess, but reality had other plans. It wasn’t long before I pushed those thoughts out of my head and began to formulate a plan.

I needed to go back to my Morgellons survival roots. So, the night of July 12th I informed the kids my couch was once again off limits (and still is as of this writing) and that evening I took a shower, lathered up in my sulfur Azufre soap, turned the water off, and stood there for a few minutes. Then I rinsed and slept on the leather couch. There’s nothing like sleeping on a leather couch to make you feel like you were rode hard and put away wet. One of the jokes I liked to say to my kids in the morning was “Did you get the license of that truck?” and they would say “What truck” and I would answer “The one that ran over me last night”. This is because that’s exactly how I felt (and did so for three years). I definitely did the right thing, if I had infected my bed I might not ever get out of this mess. However, things continued to get worse.

Within two days my stomach had the red rash/bite marks that had plagued me for so long, you could compare it to the skin on my Pityrosporum Folliculitis post only not as bad. The crawling seemed to re-infect my computer area again such that whenever I worked on the computer (which is often) I seemed to get re-infected thereby thwarting any progress I might be making. It became clear to me at that point that until I was better I had to limit my contact with nearly everything. I had to be very careful and starting right that very moment had to limit my contact with anything and everything in the house. And that is exactly what I did.

When I slept on the leather couch I used two towels, one on the bottom and one for a cover, they were big towels, beach towels basically. In the morning they went into a black garbage bag. I started washing my clothes with two to three times more the amount of Doctor Bonners Peppermint soap than I would normally use.

One night I covered my stomach with coconut oil just before going to bed. I figured that not only was coconut oil very antifungal but it would also suffocate any unwanted visitors. I actually think that it helped quite a bit. My stomach seemed to look much better the next morning. I also recalled that I had used the FIR heating pad I had bought quite a bit before I turned the corner the last time I got better. So, for three of four nights in a row I used it a lot, moving it to a new section of my body every 30 minutes or so. Things really seemed to clear up, my stomach looked normal again. However, the pad is very expensive, $400.00 and it might not work for you, so please don’t run out and buy one on my account. Things might be working for me because my terrain is working against Morgellons as well.

But how to treat my ears? At times I would feel the crawling in them and I hated that. I don’t use the FIR pad near my head, I’m afraid it might hurt my eyes so that was out of the question. I even felt the crawling slightly in my eyes (something I had dealt with in the past quite often). I went with what I knew seemed to work for me in most areas, sulfur.

ears eye

Sulfur Ear Drops

Sulfur Eye Drops

Hepar sulphuris
is a homeopathic remedy that was created by Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. Hahnemann combined the inner layer of oyster shells (Calcium carbonica) with flowers of sulfur and burned them to create Hepar sulphuris calcareum, or Hepar sulph. as it is commonly called.

Now, it’s important that such things not be abused and that labels be followed correctly. Both of these products contain 12x sulfur, never use the ear drops in your eyes, ever. The Similasan ear and eye drops are available where I live at any CVS store, probably any drug store as well, but that’s usually where I go.

I did the ear drops four nights in a row. You simply turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the clear applicator and a drop or two will come out. This stopped the crawling in my ears eventually. Interestingly I had to throw my head phones out at work however.

In the morning I would get a wet dish towel and wipe down my leather couch each morning (after squirting a good squirt of Doctor Bonners Peppermint soap on it) and I would wipe down my computer table area.

Finally, I was taking two showers a day, lathering up in my sulfur soap, turning off the water in the shower and standing there for a few minutes, then rinsing. When I towel off I do so very rigorously, rubbing my skin pretty hard.

At this point my crawling has all but stopped, I still feel what I call “tinges” now and then. I am not ready to say I am 100% out of the woods, but I think I have nipped this in the bud, however, this experience opens a whole series of questions.

What does it all mean?

First, and most obviously, at least in my case, I can be re-infected by a single touch from a person who has Morgellons that is not treating it at all. Let’s stop and consider this for a moment.

This person who touched me meets with clients and shakes hands with them and so on. What happened to me probably doesn’t happen to many, if any people he meets, though I cannot know for sure. I remember once early on speaking with Randy Yaskal, she had Morgellons and was free of it for nearly 10 years and then got it back again. Her last words to me were exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. It is my guess that we are susceptible for one reason or another to whatever it is that causes this reaction in us while others are not.

For people that cannot seem to shake it is their environment so full of whatever this is that there is no becoming free of it? Perhaps I just don’t know, I’m still trying to unravel what this whole experience may indicate.

Here’s where I think what I did comes into play with my recovery, and that is a strategy of “Minimal Contact” with everything. Keep in mind that I did very little to no cleaning that final year and yet became Morgie free. Maybe it was this strategy that played a bigger role than I thought. Do I think cleaning up my terrain is still key, “Yes I do”. But now I also think “Minimal Contact” with all things cloth might have played a big role as well.

You’ve heard me say this before, I live out of a single laundry basket. My clothes never touch anything made of cloth such as a hamper or other clothes in a dresser, they only touch each other. I only have like three, maybe four days worth of clothes in my laundry basket. I wear shorts and a t-shirt to work each day so we’re not talking a lot of clothes here. And when I’m taking two showers a day as much as 50% of my clothes go through the Doctor Bonners laundry treatment each day. I also dry them twice on two full hot cycles. If you are wearing clothes out of a dresser maybe it’s like your dipping your freshly washed clothes in a tub of Morgellons before you wear them again. All speculation of course. However, and let me say, living like this is abnormal and could cause strife in your home. Luckily, my wife puts up with it, but remember, do not tear your family life apart, try to keep things as normal as you can, especially if you have children.

Also, remember I slept on a leather couch, again no cloth except for the beach towels which are washed each night.


When we travel I bring a lawn chair very similar to the one in this photo that I can sleep on. I never sleep in a hotel bed, and never will again for the rest of my life.

If you are serious about trying to isolate yourself from all things cloth and don’t have a leather couch this might be something to consider. Of course, the older you are the harder it is to really rough it. But then I was designed to go through living hell, my wife says I should go on survivor. By the way, I sit in a vinyl chair at work and a wooden chair at my computer at home.

If there was something in my environment plaguing me then it died off because there came a point where I felt no crawling for a year. Did my minimal contact strategy play a role?

I hate to repeat myself but when a person first has scabies it can be weeks before they know it, maybe even a month, however, Re-infestation can provoke recurrence of symptoms within 24-48 hours, or sooner. The body reacts very quickly to them upon re-infestation. Am I saying that it is some kind of mite? The truth is, I don’t know. From a pat on the back to crawling in my ears within two hours certainly has me wondering. However, like my last post states, don’t trust your senses, it really acts more like a fungal element in the end. For now, I’m going to leave it at that.

Also, I get out outside every chance I get, I love full sun on my skin. I’ve been eating a ton of watermelon, it’s in season and very alkalizing not to mention delicious.

I hope I’ve helped shed some light on this subject. I’ll be honest, I’m couching my words as to what I think this is because I know two days from now my thoughts will change. I’ll let you know when I am for sure that I am 100% clear of this. I’m very close now but it’s only been two weeks and I want to be sure.

My Recovery from Morgellons in Greater Detail



Several have asked me recently for more details on what I did, how much of what did I take and when. I’ve been trying to recall this as best I can. My two “Poor Man’s Protocol” (PMP) posts do outline what I did to recover but I’ll try to convey more information in this post.

Before we begin. It’s summertime now, and watermelon is in the stores, this years seems to be excellent. Ever since my wife bought some this year the kids have been begging for it. That is a good thing because it’s a healthy snack. I ate a lot of watermelon the summer I made big improvements.

Also, the Kirkland Almonds shown on the left, I eat these every day and did during my recovery. If you Google almonds and parasites they are listed as a good natural approach. But that’s not why I ate them. I ate them for protein, but more importantly because they are alkalizing. Every once in a while I would get sick of just almonds and my wife would buy the Kirkland mixed nuts which were good because they provided an even better cross section of minerals like copper (Cashews are high in copper).

Okay, I just thought I would mention the watermelon and nuts. And by the way, Watermelon contains a high amount of naturally occurring glutathione which is very important (NAC builds glutathione as well).

So, every single day I started off with a sulfur soap shower (exact brand listed in my PMP posts). I washed my hair and entire body in it. Sometimes I would suds up, turn the water off and stand their for a few minutes then rinse. I still use it to this day.

My breakfast consisted of oatmeal with a large glass of orange juice (Potassium). However, I always took a Thisilyn “Milk Thistle” capsule before each meal of the day with a probiotic and a digestive enzyme as well. With my oatmeal I would take my Vitamin D (Carlson’s 2000mg fish oil based) and a COQ10. I would also do a 3/4 scoop of the True Protein (powdered egg whites) with water. The egg whites are loaded with sulfur based amino acids. This was all done by 8 in the morning. I also would prepare a CALM magnesium in a coffee cup and drink it when I got to work at around 8:30. You put it in hot water and it disolves. Notice my MAG and protein and other things are in liquid form. Morgellons has a lot to do with malabsorption in my opinion.

Around 10:00 with a more empty stomach I would take one of the Whole Foods mixed Amino’s along with either an L-Carnitine or L-Arginine. They say to take amino’s on an empty stomach which is kind of funny because you get most of them from eating meat.

Next came lunch. Usually a PB&J with an apple and a yogurt. In the middle I would take another fish oil, probiotic, milk thistle, and a low dose all around Vitamin B capsule. I drank water during the day.

I exercised on a stationary bike at work and got up to 25 minutes a session (when I started I could barely do two minutes). I would do the bike at about 2:30 and just before that I would take my NAC 600 mg sustain plus 2000mg of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. At 2:30 when I took this my stomach was relatively empty.

Then it was supper, usually another fish oil, maybe another COQ10 and so on. Often I would have another CALM magnesium with supper as well.

Around 9 at night (sometimes but not all the time) I would take another NAC/Vitamin C combo.

I’ll be honest, it’s really hard recall exactly what I did, however, my posts do reflect what I was doing at the time. Of course, I was always learning and changing what I was taking, you can see that my 2nd PMP post listed far fewer things than my original PMP and that is kind of how things went. As I started getting better I gradually eliminated things that I thought were providing only a slight benefit.

The last few things I added were Coconut Oil (mixed in with my hot morning oatmeal) and OptiMSM (supposedly very pure). I also tried to get direct sunlight whenever I could, not a sunburn, just color. And finally I added Iodoral Iodine which I didn’t take every day and broke the pills into small chunks and would take with food.

There were tons of supplements I did like Kyolic 103 and many other things along the way. I did some colon cleanses and some parasite cleanse programs that I bought at Whole Foods as well.

Like I said before the NAC + Vitamin C I think we’re core to my recovery as well as Magnesium and other apparently simple things, but it worked.

Please read both of my PMP posts on my “All Articles” page to make sure you read all of the warnings.

Finally, I also did the Logos Wellness Protocol as well. See for more information. The nice thing about the wellness protocol is that it provides the bulk of what I took. I would add to it the NAC/Vitamin C however. When I was doing the wellness protocol I did not double up on things, the wellness protocol comes with magnesium, I always was careful not to just blindly take two things that contain the same thing.

I hope folks are making progress and getting better and better and not falling back. I had hoped folks would be reporting in by droves stating they were recovering, some have like herehoping and many say they feel better than they did. I hope this for you too.

Status Update

I want to let everyone that I have no idea if Morgellons is a worm infestation of any sort. My latest blog posts were trying to demonstrate a way to prove it one way or another. I do not recommend going out and getting on de-wormers. I just don’t, especially since we have no proof of it. Don’t let my posts scare you at all. I think in the end, despite my waxing an waning on this issue, it will be proven that Morgellons is not at its core, a worm infestation. And I would like to reiterate my strong belief that a healthy terrain is the best defense against Morgellons and the best move one can make for long term good health. I am doing well, my skin looks great, let me tell you what I’m currently doing.

Each morning I put a teaspoon full of coconut oil in my “hot” oatmeal. I pour an ounce of the liquid vitamins into my glass of OJ and drink that with my morning oatmeal. I also take 2 grams of MSM with my oatmeal (mid way through the meal). Later at work I take my CALM magnesium (not for those with kidney problems).

With lunch I do a COQ10, Omega 3 fish oil (certified mercury free), Vitamin D 2000 IU, and a Thymic Formula.

Later, I’ll do 2 capsules of Opaline Dry Oxy, and after about an hour and a half I’ll pop my Jarrow NAC with 2000mg of Vitamin C. That takes me through to supper when I will take 2 more grams of MSM.  That’s basically all I’m doing. Soon I’m going to ramp up to 3 grams of MSM twice a day. Also, I either do a Milk thistle or LiverCS when I can remember, but NAC is also a great protector of the liver. And at least once throughout the day I do my egg white protein which is loaded with sulfur and amino acids.

For some reason I feel really good, my anxiety has disappeared for the most part and I’m astonished. I read on EarthClinic how coconut oil can really improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals and I’m taking it with my (now) liquid vitamins and boy do I think it’s having an effect. Of course, coconut oil is so good for you, it kills all kinds of things and just has so many positives. I am hoping to stabilize this protocol and be able to publish it so you can know what I’m doing. But I’m still tinkering. I think this liquid vitamin / coconut oil breakfast is “da-bomb”. My PH has been excellent, 7+ almost all day long. That must be from the vitamins. I find that vitamins like magnesium, potassium, calcium do more for your PH than artificial buffers. Never take potassium supplements, just drink OJ, that’s the safest and God’s sugar is good sugar.

I had a birthday recently and when I told people my age at work they were shocked, some guessed that I was 10 years younger than I really am. MSM and coconut oil give you great looking skin. I got a military hair cut (for spring) and I noticed that my hair has really thickened up.  I’m exercising (though not enough) but this year I am going to get into great physical shape. Spring is coming and the sun will soon be out, and you can bet I’m going to get my full share of vitamin D.

So, for the record, I am not going on antibiotics, I am not going on pharmaceutical de-wormers. I am going to continue focusing on my terrain. If the CDC or some group identifies it and has some recommendation, sure, until then, I’m sticking with what’s working for me.

Random Thoughts

I realize I have been all over the place with my blog lately and thought I would take this post to let you know what I’m doing and offer a little insight into what I think lies ahead for us in the future.

What I’m doing right now

After I started taking MSM it gave me really smelly stools so I stopped my PMP II for about a week and tried this colon cleanse product with charcoal and other things, it really wasn’t doing anything thing for me so I stopped, I ending up losing a week on my PMP II. I’m back to 6 grams (6,000 mg) of MSM (3g with breakfast and 3g with supper) and the smelly stools are gone and the stomach discomfort is as well. I have so much more energy and my pain reduction has been dramatic but it took some time to get to that dose. So far so good. For me at least, this only serves to confirm that the natural approach to healing is the better approach. In fact, it reaffirms the "Terrain" theory that originally lead me out of this mess to begin with. I’m not sure at this point if I’m going to go higher or stay on my current dose of MSM for some time.

I received an email the other day from a doctor who was talking about how he approaches all disease. Here is a quote from that email.

Our approach is to first detoxify the body. When we do this, and re-nourish the person and balance the chemistry delicately and gently using hair analysis to guide this process, usually most infective organisms cannot survive because the terrain is so much stronger.

All I can say is from my experience I concur.

I have also added Iodoral Iodine to my protocol, it’s a high quality Iodine (not recommended if you’re on thyroid meds). I purchased the low dose tablets and even then I break them up and take only little chunks with my meals and make a single pill last 3 or 4 days, so were talking low dose here.

Other than these two additions to my original PMP (Poor Mans Protocol) everything I am doing so far is pretty much the same. I still get anxiety, not sure why, but I’m feeling absolutely great. Exercise too (ya, bummer huh), will be listed in the PMP II and probably a few more tweaks.

The Future

Take a look at this news story that was sent to me (and thank you).

FDA Rejects Drug For Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

For the drugmakers, this is a case of restless approval syndrome. The agency issued a complete response letter to XenoPort and GlaxoSmithKline, indicating their Horizant drug doesn’t pass muster due to a preclinical finding of pancreatic cell tumors found in rats (statement). Wall Street forecasts called for $500 million or more in annual sales, but it now appears additional study work may be needed.

Restless leg syndrome is characterized by unpleasant sensations in the legs and an uncontrollable urge to move them for relief. Individuals affected with the disorder describe the sensations as burning, creeping, tugging, or like insects crawling inside the legs, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (see here). And XenoPort, for instance, has estimated that up to 8 million people in the US suffer from the problem, although there has been controversy over reports that the disorder is exaggerated (see here).

crystal-ballNow, the CDC hasn’t even published the Morgellons report which is not likely to be any kind of revelation. The odds are Morgellons might not be understood for a long time, just like Restless Leg syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and many other conditions. However, you can now see drug commercials on TV promoting drugs for these conditions even though they do not know what causes them (For the record, I do not believe the claims about XRMV causing CFS). Now, most people have heard of the conditions mentioned above, but this is not so regarding Morgellons which still remains rather obscure. Morgellons is still relatively off the radar even though in reality it might be affecting just as many people as some of the conditions mentioned above. So, and this is not to depress you, help might be a ways off, and in the end, help from pharmaceutical companies might turn out to be no help at all.

The article above about RLS probably accurately predicts the future of Morgellons disease. Decades of acceptance work followed by pharmaceutical companies floating trial balloons drugs in hopes that they will work for a condition Western medicine simply cannot understand. But remember, I could be wrong, miracles do indeed happen and what do I know after all?

GlaxoSmithKline was expecting five hundred million in sales annually from this one drug for Restless Leg Syndrome. My guess is that Morgellons sufferers are too large a market to overlook. So if official recognition of the Morgellons Syndrome does happen, be careful in what you ask for, it might not be what you think.

There are two kinds of People


There are two kinds of people Tuco, those with loaded guns, and those who dig, you dig.

Well, as I see it, and I could be wrong, there are two kinds of Morgellons sufferers. Those who are waiting on the “magic bullet”, and those who roll up their sleeves and get to work realizing that years of terrain restoration lay ahead of them. There are however a few lucky folks that find doctors willing to treat with real meds and even combine their attack with natural things, but those cases are few and far between. For me, restoring my terrain has been a very rewarding experience and has opened my eyes to many things. I even corrected a handful of other health problems along the way probably not related to Morgellons at all.

Like I said once before “Though I’m not out of the woods I am clearly standing on the edge of it, looking out over open prairies”

Is this is all just a reflection?

See this LINK on Cotton. It’s a document called “The Deadly Chemicals In Cotton” and it takes a minute to load. Set your viewer to 100% for easy reading, even a cursory read of this document is enough to make you shake your head.

I often wonder if all of our toxic human activity is finally just breaking down the terrain of our planet (not in a “new age” Mother earth sort of way). Maybe we have caused sickness and dis-ease throughout the food chain, including the frogs, bees, and so on. Perhaps what we are all suffering from is merely a reflection, or rather a result of living in an even larger toxic terrain (the planet itself). And while authorities and research groups might be desperately searching for cause it eludes them because to can never be truly found.

However, that said, we can still take effective action to correct things as best we can …