Let’s all finish the race


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  1. sharoninthehighlands said:

    Thanks Mr C.

  2. Now I am a snotty, snerky, disrag of a girl, soaked in tears.
    I feel like that’s what we are doing in the Morgellons community—leaning on each other and looking for the finish line. Where is it?
    Thanks for posting.

    P.S. There won’t be a dry eye in the house with this video.

  3. It’s hard to finish. But I will try.

  4. Robin Laws said:

    That’s always been a most favorite video of mine… if only I could still run! hee hee!

    • Robin Laws said:

      I also wanna say a heart warming thank you to my momma… she was with me thru my entire morg nightmare and she’s who helped me “win the race” too.

      I love you momma

      • robin, i certainly picked up on the past tense re: m in your thank you to your mother, which by the way i owe my mother the very same, so far the thanks she seems to have gotten is m symptoms herself. pls, would you be willing to share what you believe to be has addressed your m symptoms? thank you so very much in advance.gayla

  5. Very moving moment… I remember it well. Kudos to you Mr. C for coming alongside so many in their moment of need. You are truly a blessing.

  6. Thank you Mr C. God knows we all want to finish
    God Bless

  7. Thanx MRC, hope u doing well ….

  8. dividingcricker said:

    i guess i dont get it …ive been limpin along for years just trying to pay the bills paying taxes …my insurance is more than im making…i would love to have time to run a rase and be well enough to do that it would be a great thing ….i was the second fastest sprinter in my highschool my best friend was the fastest…. that guy had a cramp …if we only had a cramp….would be great i just dont get it…..

  9. Finding the right church helped me find my purpose in life and I know it is to work to inform people about morgellons , work with people so that we can be recognized as having a real disease and it is not just in our heads. To share with others what I have learned and listen to others so they can share what they know and feel so we can all come together as one voice. We also need to support and be greatful for those who are supportive of our disease along, Drs. nurses, scientists etc and companies whose products work for us. We also need to be greatful for the labs that have come through for the testing which is such a very important part of getting better. Also the sites who let us find support among fellow suffers. Staying strong and working together we can all finish, some sooner, some later!! Just keep the faith that there is a finish and thank you Mr. CS for cheering all of us along. ld

    • Hi you mentioned the products that work for us. WHAT ARE THEY? It’s so new to me I don’t know whT to do, what to take, and who to talk to. Again. Please help me. dc

  10. Thanks Mr C.
    Blessing to you my brother.
    Need this very much.

  11. I am another victim to this unknown. I got Morgellons this past November,2011. The sadest part is my sweet 3 dogs had also gotten it. I too went thru the crazies along with my dogs. Scratching and watching the so called bug , along with black specs, all colors, shapes and sizes of these creatures falling off of our bodies. A month later it was all gone for all of us. January rolls along and all 3 dogs are biting there bodies and on a 24/7 schedule a constant scratching. Since I haven’t seen any of these moving invaders I thought that they were gone. Now I feel a sharp pinch, all over my head and face and when I go with a tissue in that spot I rub over the itch and it looks like a spec of black metal. My entire body since this started is covered everywhere with teeny bumps. Today my son said to me that the Morgellins did not go away it’s just dormant. After heating that I went back in the hysterical mode. I went on the Internet and ran across a girl from southern california who writes about her dogs that died from this disease. It’s 6am and I have been crying all night wondering how much more time I will have with my dogs before this unnecessary disease takes over them. I feel so guilty for moving my dogs out here this past July from Connecticut when they had such a great life back there. Questions: does anyone know how much time I have left to be with them. Do they feel these pinches of metal also. I can’t take these metal pinches anymore, how much longer will it last and how can I make it go away Will I ever be able to find any comfort in the near future. Does anyone know any doctors that can help myself and my dogs. I want all of this to go away i need to find a group that can help me thru this. I will be in L A till the end of FebruRy then we are all moving back to Connecticut. Please Help Us,,,,,,,, thank you and good luck to everyone out there coping. ……….dc. ,,,,, when I return back East I have 2 cats. Will they also be getting the Morgellons? If so then I will have to find new homes for them. This whole ordeal is ruiningy life. I can’t cope with these horrific changes.

    • dividingcreeker said:

      DC just read your post …on this site the poor mans protacal …has the stuff to start…i had 2 labs we used a product called nzymes the company is in nevada on that web you can see before and after pictures …one thing we did was change the dogs diet to a grain free dog food and NO treats with wheat… a web DOGTOR J aka john symes …a world of information. I use a product natural ginesis KLEEN GREEN a company in tenn. they are very helpfull.JUST DONT SPRAY IT IN YOUR EYES ,…..seems to be a bad thing here so what ever you do dont spray it in your eyes I never have … i change my diet avoiding sugar THE KING DIET starches seem to agravate it… as you search you will find there are no pat answers..ps i also used a product from fla called APR #21 really for pain but works great for itchingTHAT WONT GO AWAY jtl industries 18007358912 good luck and hang in there your not alone

    • oh i am so sorry that you and your pups have this awful condition. i have morgellons as well..then my dog got it pretty bad but i was able to heal him pretty fast. he looks good and he nevr itches and crys anymore. he’s just the happy dog he used be. i can tell you what i did if you like. the vet was of no help. I’m not saying don’t go..just don’t get your hope up. my youtube account name is “TheRedline” if you like you can message me there and i will tell you how bunny got well. he healed really fast but keep in mind dogs here too. i actually am in los angeles right now as well. the first thing you might consider is taking them off commercial dog food. it was he best thing i did for my dog. and i believe key to him getting better. you might want to look into the biological appropriate raw food diet (barf is the acronym ). also i can point you to a few herbs and baths that might help your dogs. best, tina

  12. dividingcricker said:

    mr common sense ive taken the time to read the archives ..maybe skim over them but i got a reality check on all the work you have done or have lived…. we have all been though the ringer… all the work by others seems over the top …should have come up with the answer by now….seems that science and nature are in a war against us…. all the new and exiciting things that gets these corporation seeing green are just going to overtake us… you just think that one good news agency would breakaway and run withit… dr don huber seems to be making a impact…by the way i live at the ends of the world …bay fishin huntin and dogs in the country where theres more bugs than people …over and out

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