Running Conscience

Mr. C has faded into history and is no more, but suffice it to say he survived and is a survivor.  He no longer chooses to live here and is moving onto new horizons, feel free to join him or not, he can be found by clicking HERE.

America and Other News

I hope Joe doesn’t mind me letting this slip but our own Joseph Keleher will be collaborating with me on the Magnum Opus. I’m really excited about working with Joe and especially providing a serious work to help the Morgellons community cope with this illness.

The video below I thought I’d post as I found it very uplifting ….

The American Parasite

Long but very revealing, if you stick it out to the end you will be well rewarded … (had to post this as it was so interesting)

Magnum Opus Coming Soon

The Mundane Approach and me seem to be one and the same, there just is no replacement.

I’ve been thinking about this and have wanted to do this for a few years now. I am going to pull all of the best material from the articles I have written (most from the “All Articles” page) into one cohesive document with some new material in there as well. Including things I left unsaid for a whole host of reasons but will now say in this final post. It seems to me that new cases of Morgellons are not near as common as they were around 2005, 2006 and so on. To me, Morgellons appears to be fading, and that is a good thing.

For posterity and those who come after us the final post on this blog will be a massive compendium of material available on this site, in book format, and in a logical order. When I make that post I will disable all comments and feedback on this site, it will stand forever as a resource for those who come after. It will essentially be static.

I do plan to start a new blog for any that are interested. I’m thinking the title will be “The Forsaken Christian”. That title can go off in many ways, but suffice it to say that will not be anti-Christian, but rather confront an even more formidable and dangerous foe. The title is subject to change before the new blog is created.

Anyway, watch for the Magnum Opus, it will be an incredibly long post, with a few revelations that I dare not say earlier in this nightmare but am ready to talk about now.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and I hope you are all well.


You can keep your plan

It’s now estimated at nearly 93 million Americans are going to lose their current health care plans …

If you have time

It’s the Full Movie
The Gospel of John