My goal is to keep this a safe place for readers. There is a theory that has been brought forth that I thought I would bring to your attention. Let me see if I can summarize it (however, I don’t fully understand it myself). There is thing thing called Baculovirus that is an insect virus that can be GMO’d anyway you like, companies will mix in any insect genes into Baculovirus  for you and then you can apply it to crops. If these kinds of theorys bother you, just skip it, stress is not good for Morgellons. There is a link to the theory below at the end of this post.


GM Baculovirus vectors: Baculovirus are virus that infect insects, they are very stable and may remain dormant in the environment for years before infecting insects. The virus can be purified and produced in quantity to be used in insect control. Since the virus multiplies and persists, its use in pest control seems promising. The virus alone has a relatively low killing power and slow action. When a gene for a potent toxin such as scorpion toxin or a gene affecting a juvenile hormone is added to the virus, it kills faster and fewer insects survive infection. Numerous field tests of modified virus sprayed on crops have been undertaken, often accompanied by loud expressions of concern from the public. Soon after GM virus were developed for insect control, it was found that baculovirus were capable of infecting human liver cells and produced relatively little toxicity to the infected cells. For that reason baculovirus vectors were developed to treat liver disease. Interestingly, the fact that baculovirus can infect human liver cells seems to have been ignored by those developing the virus for commercial pest control.

Also, the theory I am going direct you to states that Fungal Gnats (I believe) can travel hand in hand with this mess, and in fact, the person doing the experiments has been able to to culture live fungal gnat larva from Morgellons lesions and yes, even from ordinary tap water. That’s right, fungal gnats hatching out of pure tap water. The fungal gnat larva looks very much like a little white worms.

If you want to read about this theory see below:



In the post above are some YouTube video’s of fungal gnat larva, they are very small indeed but you cannot tell that from the video as there is nothing in the video to give them scale. I am 100% sure that fungal gnats were hatching out of my body for months at the onset of this, there is no doubt that this was happening to me.


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  1. Hey Mr. CS,
    Can you please tell how you were sure they were hatching out of your body? What was happening to indicate this to you? What did you see and feel?
    And what did you do about it–I mean as far as eradication, but also, how did you deal with it socially/personally?

  2. I would be sitting at work in a office situation and have 4 or 5 of them around me at all times, I am 100% positive that they actually flew “out of my nose”, ya, not cool. You know those little gnats that gather around bannans, I was like that, but worse, no matter where I was, there were gnats, there would be none, then all of a sudden 6 or 7. Did I literally see them hatch out of my skin, no, I did not, but I knew this was happening long before I even visited morgellon sites. What did I do about it? Frankly, I was more bothered by the intense crawling at the time and the fibers all under my skin, this was at the very onset, my main focus was simply trying not to become unhinged from reality because what was happening was so bizarre. Again, I only posted this because I felt it warrented it. Still, I hold to the fact that correcting ones terrain is the right course, not everyone is coming down with Morgellons, and I believe terrain is the key factor that determines who comes down with it and who does not. Is the theory above correct? Who knows? Maybe fungal gnats have always been in water, it’s just now that man has become a “rotting log” that we are homes to all kinds of new things.

  3. Mr. CS,
    Thanks for your persistence in pursuing all leads. Appreciate the posting on flies and viral connection, which I have long suspected.
    Have you seen the research articles in pubmed by Dr. John Martin (from 2005, I believe, resurrected last year) re. stealth viruses and people w/ morg? He described the fibers/specks/etc. so well I believe he is onto something, yet I do believe in insect vectoring/infection with it:

    As I posted monnths ago, my “morg” sx began after fungus gnats from infected bag of mulch in my van swarmed, some getting into my nose. Within 1-2 wks., “attacks” of tiny fibers (viewed w/ son’s toy scope at 30x mag), 2 at a time: one blue, one red, came tumbling out of my nose, usually at the computer, often while eating soy chips/milk. Would come out dozens at a time. Started using scotch tape to capture for viewing. Also had anal itching and captured many much longer colored fibers (blue, red, green, and what I called “corn silk” in appearance). ONE early tape specimen had the blue & red fibers and ALSO a tiny microarthropod, which I dismissed.
    Took them to 4 infectious disease drs., the last a parasitologist who practically threw me out of his office when I brought him vials with “infected hairs and grass.” Earned DOP dx. and quit drs.
    Also under professional borrowed microscope viewed body fluids, all w/fibers and strange material/structures. Nasal discharge after initial infection saw many (apparent to me) squashed/malformed tiny flies w/eyes, which I drew before getting a digital camera. Have also seen the tiny flies like never before, and often in bathroom in mid-winter.

  4. Mr. CS,
    Another thought:
    Wonder how all this fits in with baculovirus and/or fungus gnats. Can’t recall if I sent this in an earlier post (memory problems). Coming to a woods near you: This article shows how some of research is conducted at the usda, mixing it up with various organisms. The insects all have some soil/fungal contact, meaning same microbial environment from which to get infected, and there is no way to fool mother-nature, or keep this stuff contained in these studies.

    Loved also the links to Sammy’s blog on toilet paper. I too have seen fibers in TP, and saved a sample or two with obvious multi-colored morg-like fibers a couple yrs. ago.
    Have seen in both bleached and recycled-pulp TP. Figure this stuff is everywhere, in everything.

    Found disturbing references in Sammy’s blog to studies showing “?incorrect protein- folding”–sounds too much like prion disease (mad cow).

  5. I had never considered viruses before, not really. And I truly don’t get the science–these articles all seem to be in Greek to me. But I did just have a thought about the onset of my symptoms.
    So here’s what happened to me. One day I touched a recently abandoned bird nest. I did not wash my hands immediately because someone showed up at my home with business just then. That night, I did have a weird dream that I was experiencing itching and an expanding red, itchy spot on my face, and that I was super exhausted. So perhaps my face did really itch in my sleep, who knows. I had also started a Candida diet that day and was feeling wiped out. Otherwise, no symptoms and nothing unusual. The next day, I had a run in with a very unpleasant person, and I felt terrible anxiety flood my body–not too surprising, because this person has had this effect on me before, but this time her behaviour and my physiological response were over the top. A couple of hours later, at someone elses home, my right index finger began to hurt, right on the tip. I couldn’t come up with an explanation. Not long after, my upper right arm began to itch horribly. While this was happening, I began to have biting feelings on my upper left arm as well as upper right. Within an hour, the biting/itching was traveling all over my body, and I began to wonder about scabies, which was quickly ruled out because the descriptions I was finding of scabies didn’t really fit. After doing research for a few days and getting a diagnosis from a really dismissive Dr, we thought birdmites, though no bugs were ever seen and my skin looked fine. Husband and I have since dismissed birdmites, and I began to disregard the whole bird nest as merely coincidental. All along I’ve thought that my experience with that nasty acquaintance so shortly before onset was a kind of final straw for my toxic body, that I flooded my own weakened body with toxins from stress, thus starting a reaction a long time in the making. I’ve also thought there was some psychosomatic element because my upper arms where the itching started is right where she briefly touched me–I was in a sleeveless shirt and she kind of grabbed both my arms while she basically told me off.
    Now I was just remembering that she and some of her family and friends had scabies a year ago. As far as I know, they were all successfully treated with the standard permethrin cream. But actually, if any of them had Morg symptoms over the last year, I probably wouldn’t be in the know. I’m wondering if she could be a carrier of a virus? Is this too far-fetched? Then there’s still the darn bird nest–my husband can’t let that go as just coincidental. Can it be that a person contracts this stuff in a perfect storm of variables?

  6. Susan, no, that is not too farfetched, I know there are carriers of this in a big way and that they don’t even know they have it. There are carriers of this whom if they touch you you will automatically start to crawl and itch horribly, they are absolutely covered in whatever Morgellons is and it can be transferred to you or that is, reinfect you. However, that persons entire family and spouse might not feel it, it’s got to be the most bizarre part of this, it defies explanation. There is more I can say on this but will have to in a private email.

    I just got back from my sons cubscout meeting, got eatin alive by misquitoes, lord knows what I got now, it was in a big garage on a farm but the doors were open and it was dark, I’ve pretty much given up on trying to protect myself from bug bites, I’m beyond caring, whatever happens happens now. I’m done living in fear.

    Netmu, I will repsond to your post tomorrow, I’m shot for tonight ….

  7. The ongoing work saga continues.
    I was in the office today w/ my boss in the conference room for about 1.5 hours. Door closed. By the end of the meeting, he’s sniffing like crazy, as if he’s got runny nose. We’ve all seen this too many times.

    There’s definitely something miscroscopic coming from me and jumping/drifting/crawling/whatever-ing over and affecting him. It just makes more sense to me that this is something like a fungal spore or mold or something and it just drifts in the air and lands on things around you, including ppl.

    • Kixx, I can tell you as a sufferer for many years of whatever this thing is, it definitely is something microscopic, spore-like, affecting anyone near a certain radius of you. Along with the ppl around me smacking their faces as if just being bit by something, they also sneeze, scratch their eyebrows, beards, hair, etc,…I’m also seeing little gnats WHEREVER I go and I’m so happy I came across this site to confirm that I’m not losing my mind about this gnat thing. In addition to the above mentioned, my feet are dryer than normal, almost like athletes foot or something.

      How do you deal with that office scenario? I’ve been forced to quit school several times and right now I’m hesitant to seek employment because I’m tired of the embarrassment. It took ppl a minute to figure out when I’m around, all of sudden they start to experience these bug attacks.

      Do you have any recommended suggestions on how to deal with this thing when in an office/school environment?

  8. kixx, Seems many of us have seen floating tiny white fibers that drift toward others.
    I, too, believe that in one form, it is airborne. Also may bother you while doing laundry.
    (Nasal itching.)

    Mr. CS, Re. fungal gnat theory, check out this image of a fungus gnat largae with pathogenic-nematodes inside. Sorry for long url, but it is definitely worth taking a look–
    also, close-up of fungus gnat (for those of you who have scoped these).

  9. Re. above post, scroll down too middle of page.

  10. I’m going to go out on a limb with a half formed idea on a topic I know nothing about. I should probably do some research first but wouldn’t know where to start, and I think there are some smart folks here, so here goes:
    Don’t metals and other molecules vibrate at particular frequencies and get “excited”? I mean, assume for a moment you believe that heavy metal/toxic overload is a big part of Morg. Let’s say I have a huge mercury load, a messed up nervous system and Morg symptoms with or without bugs, and you have a big mercury load, or nickel or something, but no Morg (maybe not yet, maybe never). Then let’s say I go into a conference room with you under flourescent lights. What if, in conjunction with the flourescent lights (which are supposedly a very bad frequency for humans and healing or something–personally, they seem to make my symptoms worse) all the mercury in my whacked out nervous system stimulates the metals in your nervous system and voila, you’re itchy too! Could something like this happen?

  11. […] been able to hatch Gnats out of samples taken from Morgellons lesions. And don’t forget the “Baculovirus and Fungal Gnats – A New Theory” […]

  12. heads up!! This site and MDR are getting whacked today!! Jo’s post on micro myaisis went up on yahoo… bird mites forum as well. Could it be the d**k heads at c.duh c are trying to get some real info???… Nah… they are not that smart.

  13. I am sorry MCS, I am not computer literate and I don’t know how to post a link. The Micro myiasis theory got posted on a yahoo group that pertains to people who are posting on bird mites. If you go to mdr and look at Jo’s posts from yesterday on the micro myiasis thread she has the link posted. Anyway since it went up your blog and mdr were slammed all day and were both very hard to access. I am sorry about my above post, I was in a foul mood last night, very frustrated from getting blocked all day. Expect alot of traffic.
    God Bless.

  14. From the google image at posted here by netmu:

    “Fungus gnats can become quite abundant under … highly humid conditions … and it appears that excessive watering will enhance the development of injurious fungus gnat populations.”

    Like the excessive rains many areas have been having lately, or the water drenching from the many hurricanes?

    This other quote from the same page is creepy:

    “The soil inhabiting black-headed fungus gnat larva is the stage which actually feeds on plant roots, root hairs and lower stem tissues. Feeding is particularly injurious to seedlings, rooted cuttings or young plants and feeding injuries can predispose seedling plants to fungal attack.”

    Root hairs? Not so different from people hairs. Lower stem tissues? Not so different from the joints and muscles in people. Fungal attacks too? How about plant roots such as green onions which get eaten raw?

    Would a type of ionization of the soil (or even people) be useful in destroying these insects and their parasites?

    I never thought of this stuff as being in fear, it was more a feeling of being in battle, I was losing badly but now I’m making advances.

    Whenever I’m hit (swelled, irritated and stuff) I try to think, “it could be much worse,” I think of the guy I saw at the VA hospital, a burn victim who barely had any skin left, yet he was walking around being a human. If he can do it, so can I and screw the rest of the world, who cares what they think. That is key, I think, forget that other people are checking you out and noticing stuff, brush it off, put those thoughts out of your mind. Not an easy thing to do of course, yet, focus on what’s right, count your toes or fingers, arms still work too? Even if some are missing, or they don’t work quite right, at least you’re still alive and at some point in the future things may turn around. That other fella on a different Mr. Commonsense webpage (forward from this one?) said he is symptom free for weeks now, hopefully he will keep popping in from time to time saying just as much and then everyone will want to do what he’s doing to get better? Get those turtles out of the swimming pool, and keep ‘em out.

  15. That’s wonderful Clark, and good on ya!
    Would love to do that but mine primarily live in my kitchen, my washer, my dryer. me and my dog. Ionization is a great idea. I had ionizers prior to this happening but I threw everything away when I flipped out, I mean everything! Crazy right? Will have to do more research.

  16. My family and myself have been suffering from only what we can guess is morgellons. We didn’t expect our vacation in July of 2009 to Florida to develop into a medical journey. Our family doctor told us we are beyond his help and several ID doctors were useless. In doing research I came across food grade Diatomaceous Earth. Do you think the addition of the Silica would help?

  17. Steve- I have been taking 2 tbls. Per day of FOOD GRADE DE in water since April 1st. I honestly cannot tell you if it is helping or not, I know I am better than I was but I have been doing the poor man’s protocol since July as well. I am not going to stop however as like most folks, I am desperate to get better. I am not sure what it is that is helping so I won’t give up anything yet. I am no where near “cured” even if there is such a thing, but I am better than I was. I may try the MMS again after reading about Pamela.
    God Bless you and your family.

  18. Hi Clark,
    Sounds to me like you are counting your blessings! Way to go.
    What did this statement mean:
    “I never thought of this stuff as being in fear, it was more a feeling of being in battle, I was losing badly but now I’m making advances.”
    I may be not thinking well today, but what did you mean to say about the fear?
    Are you talking about our take on the condition, our attitude and so forth? This is huge in this condition, I believe.
    So much of the impact of this condition (not a disease! IMO) is social/psychological. This weekend I had an opportunity to do something I love to do, but I was also having a low moment and not wanting to go because I was afraid that something weird might happen with my skin. We have to take the opportunities to live our lives.
    When we do get social and happy, we impact our health for the better. The opposite, of course, is the anxiety and depression which can happen with Morg/NCS/hyper-tox, esp when we hide from the world.

  19. Mr. Common Sense…. over 8 years ago when my children and I got infected with Morgellons I saw your name many times reading website to website. …Jump ahead to 2017 and I am just now seeing the gnats everywhere I go. Very very sad and disheartening. I have gathered a lot of information over these 8 years, but no cure. Now it’s time for me to order a wig, due to the hair loss that this disease causes. Both my daughter and I (Not my son for some reason) are losing our hair. I have a Lyme specialist that has diagnosed us with many different co infections…..parvoviruses and pneumonias…etc etc. I also believe this infection is attacking my organs also…. my eye sight is fading quickly as well as infections in my heart causing issues. The list is long. I believe the most important thing I’ve learned is that I contracted this from soil/water. For a while, I blamed myself for getting my own poor children sick…….but I learned it wasn’t my fault. My house was situated on a river, that constantly flooded….eventually destroyed by Hurricane Irene in 2011. That was a heavy burden lifted off of my shoulders. Still though, I sit and watch my children suffer. It’s heart breaking. With all that being said….are there any up to date posts? Any new information? It’s 2017…….. has anyone gotten better, or found a cure?

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